Official SAT Study Guide

This is the successor to the #1 best seller, "10 Real SATs". It provides ample test practice with four complete practice tests created by the test maker. It also provides you with hundreds of practice questions; opportunities to familiarize yourself with the format of the test; practice on different question types; instructional help with concepts covered; approaches to use for answering different types of questions; experience taking full-length practice tests, helping you learn to pace yourself; tips to sharpen your skills in writing effective essays, and feedback that will help you focus on areas that may need improvement. You can even enter your test answers online at and receive personalized feedback so you know which areas to focus on. Subscribe to The Official SAT Online Course for interactive instruction, additional sets of practice questions, practice essay questions, and access to full-length practice tests. You cant get any closer to taking the "this one counts" SAT test than this book. This study guide is also available with a companion DVD. The DVD provides one real SAT test, short math review videos, an SAT Test Timer that simulates a timed test taking experience, and more. Phyllis

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Grades: 10-12
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