Creative Writing Through Literature Courses

It makes sense, doesn't it? That a person who has a knack for composing interesting and suspenseful fiction could translate that ability into step-by-step composition and literature lessons that are easy to follow and encouraging to complete. Using one of her own books as either a foundational part of the study or a suggested resource, Carol Kinsey takes her students by the hand and teaches them skill by skill. Through instruction coupled with short exercises and writing assignments, she covers the fundamentals of creative, descriptive, literary, non-fiction, and report writing. Incorporating vocabulary studies and literary analysis, she heightens both the appreciation and understanding of literature. Lastly, with a grasp of human nature defined by a biblical and Christian worldview, daily and weekly assignments become a catalyst for deepening one's relationship with Jesus.

Currently there are two courses Creative Writing for 7th (and above) and Adventures in Non-Fiction for 9th (and above). The 28 Chapters with three Lessons each are grouped into Units for both courses. Course components include a Course Book and books (one that is specifically required and three others chosen from a suggested reading list). The Course Book (reproducible for families) is written directly to the student but assumes teacher-student oversight and interaction. Introductory information is brief but Lessons are detailed and focused. A weekly schedule assumes completion of three Lessons each week with the extra two days being used for writing and reading assignments. Each Lesson includes a vocabulary segment, a writing and/or literature instructive sequence, and a writing assignment. As part of the course, students are expected to compile a Vocabulary/Spelling Notebook, a Creative Writing Notebook, and a Journal. Unit tests with answer keys are provided. Grading rubrics for writing assignments are provided.  Misconceptions is a related book/writing study that is similar in structure and expectations but is ashorter four-week study. ~ Janice

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