Dinah Zike's Big Books of Science

What is a Foldable? I had no idea until I looked at these books. A Foldable is a 3D, interactive graphic organizer. Foldables give students a hands-on activity to help them organize and retain information, according to author Dinah Zike. Foldables can be used by students of all ages for note-taking, student-directed projects, journals, graphs, charts, tables and more. These books show you how you can incorporate Foldables into various areas of science. The front of each book demonstrates with written instruction and diagrams how to make the Foldables and how to use them. The remainder of the book is filled with science topics for your student to explore and illustrate using Foldables. The elementary book includes a section on science graphics. These are drawings to be used with the Foldables. These books are not reproducible, therefore you would need to trace the graphics, or just use the graphics as a guide for drawing your own illustrations. The book for grades 6-12 is divided in to areas of physics, astronomy, earth science and biology/life science. These might be an interesting presentation idea or just a different approach to your child's learning. 150+ pages, pb. ~ Donna

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