Art of Poetry

This comprehensive course explores the depth and breadth of poetry, covering topics such as image, metaphor, symbols, words, sound, rhythm, shape, and tone. It also includes instruction in the formal history of poetry (form, movement, genres, structure, open verse, and narrative), and ends with application (poetry groups, journaling, keeping a notebook, finding mentors). Each of the fifteen chapters in the Student Book examines a topic, conducts an analytical reading of a given poem, and expects the student do likewise through a number of poems aided by a set of exploratory questions. Chapters finish up with a list of defined vocabulary words, plus a page of activities that give students many different opportunities to explore the use of poetry in more hands-on and practical ways. The Teacher Edition is a fleshed-out version of the student book. All student pages are included in the teacher's edition, the layout alternating between the student chapter and the corresponding section of teacher pages. The Package includes the Teacher Edition, Student Book, and DVDs. Zach

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