Art of Poetry

There are so many uses for poetry - to tell a story, to sing a song, to melt a heart, to paint a picture, to inspire, to amuse, for reflection. So numerous are the forms that poetry can take that it is easy to see why it is considered an art. This book explores the depth and breadth of poetry; within these pages students will delve into image, metaphor, symbols, words, sound, rhythm, shape, and tone, the eight elements of poetry. Following this is a formal history of poetry that examines form, movement, genres, structure, open verse, and narrative. Each chapter begins with text that fully examines the topic at hand, discussing origins, uses, variations, style, and other such points that are essential to opening up the inner workings of poetry to the student. The next step is learning to read closely, where students are prompted through an analytical reading of a given poem for the use and effect of the element/form under consideration This is followed by a number of poems (which varies by chapter), each with their own set of exploratory questions. Chapters finish up with a page of activities that give students many different opportunities to explore the use of poetry in more hands-on and practical ways, and a list of vocabulary words with definitions. The final chapter of the book talks about application - poetry groups, journaling, keeping a notebook, slams and recitations, hosting, and finding mentors. There are several timetables outlined for using this book. The suggestions are: 1) an intensive month-long unit; 2) a year-long study to match the school year; and 3) a slower pace that stretches the study out over several years. You can certainly match this flexible course to the academic and interest level of your student. The teacher's edition is a fleshed-out version of the student book. All student pages are included in the teacher's edition, the layout alternating between the student chapter and the corresponding section of teacher pages. These teacher's sections include explications of 39 of the poems from the student text and complete answers to all of the exercises. A final section contains a poetry timeline and quizzes - both by the chapter and a cumulative book quiz. The optional seven-disk DVD set features author Christine Perrin teaching the entire Art of Poetry text to four eighth grade students. High quality video shows the teacher and students discussing the lessons, chapter by chapter. Poems are read aloud and the class engages in thoughtful dialogue as they analyze the poetry. The DVD's are intended to be viewed while following along with the student book, as there are no captions, prompts, or on-screen text to read during the lessons. The author demonstrates the end-of-chapter activities in real-time, so students can develop and practice their poem writing skills. 15+ hours of video.- Zach

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