American (Level 3)

Engage high school students in history with this rigorous, college preparatory course covering American history from the Native Americans through the Reagan Presidency. With 9 units (167 lessons), students interact with history through primary sources, literature, and multimedia resources including a digital history textbook supported by the College of Education at the University of Houston, interactive maps, videos, plus additional reputable online websites. Required resources include: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (#046089), The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas (#038070), The Red Badge of Courage (#019905), Ken Burns’ Civil War, The Great Gatsby (#001887), Of Mice and Men (#004621), and A Raisin in the Sun (1961 version). The author recommends the United States History Atlas (#014583) or included weblinks for the geography assignments. Additional supplies include internet access, computer and printer, 3 ring notebook, 9 tabbed dividers, hole punch, colored pencils and basic craft supplies. Required literature resources are listed. Unabridged resources are recommended and may be available in print or eBook editions.

Lessons may take several hours to complete; however, the course is flexible and adaptable to meet your needs. Students completing all assignments may receive one credit for high school history, one-half credit for high school geography, and one-half credit for high school English. A full credit in English is possible with additional writing instruction and grammar. Religious events and people are presented within their historical context, for their impact on our nation. An impressive history course that prepares students for college level courses through research projects, persuasive speaking/writing assignments, and the analysis of primary sources and classic literature. ~ Deanne

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