Craft Knife

So, your scissors just aren't "cutting it." You need an alternative, something good quality, yet inexpensive, that will cut surfaces such as plastic, wood, foil, lightweight art board, paper, and cloth. Well, here you go! Also great for those "cut and assemble" or paperdoll books that have you making fine cuts and turns too tight for a regular scissors to handle. Comes with five replacement blades. - Megan

These give a whole new meaning to "cutting edge" design! Create pizzazz in your arts and crafts projects with these fun scissors that cut interesting patterns, borders, and all kinds of shapes. Each pair of Paper Shapers comes in a fun color, has a cutting pattern name, and has the cutting pattern it makes labeled right on the side of the scissors. Your scrapbooking, greeting cards, photo albums, award certificates, signs and more, will never be the same. The possibilities are endless! Once you get started with these, you'll never cut a straight edge again!

Please see Handwriting - Handwriting Tools for full description of Smencils.

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