Zome Geometry

An incredible product for a kinesthetic learner to explore Geometry. Containing 1188 Zome pieces and a handy carrying case, this massive activity based program will allow you to build a plethora of geometric shapes. The included manual contains a variety of step by step instructions for different designs, as well as displaying some unique ways to create bubbles! The activities in the Geometry book cover a wide range of topics including Angles, Polygons, Platonic Solids, Symmetry, Euler's Theorem, Cubes, Area, Volume, Coordinates, Fractals, and much much more. Each of the 24 units begins with some teacher notes and then contains multiple lesson-size activities. The activities each start with a 'Challenge,' which students can attempt (explore) on their own, but may not be able to complete. This sets the foundation upon which the activity develops, and the answers to the 'Challenge' are soon understood. There are questions throughout the activities with the answers included in the back of the book. The activities will help to build spatial, conceptual, visualization, and geometric skills. There is a 25th unit which contains some further explorations for those that did not fit into the other units. You will be fascinated as your student starts to explore, build, discover, and make key observations. An excellent course supplement, or great to use as a stand alone for an elective. The Kit includes the Geometry Book. ~ Carl

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