Tsuro Game

In its simplest form, Tsuro is a curious "last man standing" version of Labyrinth, but the board is empty to begin. The 6x6 grid has a pair of paths leading off from every edge tile; players pick any one of the 48 starting paths and place their piece on it. To begin, each player draws 3 path tiles. Each tile features a twisting variety of paths - some curve to another edge of the tile, some go straight, and some cross between a pair of paths. All of the tiles match up perfectly to every other tile as well as the edge of the board.On your turn, place a tile of your choice at the end of your pawn's path, and then move your pawn (and any opponents connected to that tile) to the very end of the newly-extended path. Beware: if your path now extends to the edge of the board, or forces you to run in to another pawn, you're out! Since all of the paths will ultimately lead to the edge of the board as the tiles keep being played, it's only a matter of time... at which point the last player left on the board wins! Easy to learn and suitable for (almost) all ages, Tsuro is an excellent "light strategy" game for friends and families alike. 2-8 players; ~15 minute play-time. Cited by Psychology Today as a helpful resource for autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

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