Kingdomino / Queendomino

This clever domino-style tile game is fantastic for families! Each piece is a numbered tile with each half representing a combination of grassland, wheat, forest, sea, or mountain. In each round, tiles are drawn and arranged in numerical order. Players take turns claiming tiles. Beginning with the player who claimed the lowest-ranked tile, players add the tiles to their kingdom, placing it next to their Castle or a tile with a matching landscape. Then, a player places their king on the next set of tiles and the cycle continues. The player with the most valuable tile picks last in the next round. When a player finishes his 5x5 kingdom, scores are counted, and the player with the most points wins. The clever mechanics, simple premise, and colorful illustrations ensure that the whole family can get in on this delightful game! For 2-4 players; 15 minutes.

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