Verbal Fractions / Verbal Percents Without Pencil or Paper

Put away the pencil and paper and do some calisthenics for your brain. These books will shape-up your fraction and percent mental calculating skills. Each book has about 40 lessons through which you are to work in sequence. It is important to begin with lesson one, even if the problems seem simple. Teachers should guide the student through the problems using the methods and solutions offered in the books. Answers are available for the parent/teacher but students are to do the problems mentally. By the time these books are completed, you will be doing complicated fraction and percent word problems in your head. Students should be able to do about ½ lesson per day, more difficult lessons can be spread out over a week. Lessons vary in length and complexity in this softcover, 175+ page book. The fractions book can be used at about the 4th to 6th grade level and percents can be done when you have completed approximately two-thirds of the fractions book or at the 6th to 8th grade level. These books aren't to be done independently and require the lessons to be read to the student. But this practice isn't just for middle-grade students! Adults and older students may want to go through the lessons to strengthen and quicken their fraction and percent mental math. Take these books with you anywhere and practice as a family; you will be doing problems like this in no time: "The distance from Mount Joy to Harrisburg is 25 miles, and 4/5 of this distance is 5/8 of 4/9 of the distance from Harrisburg to Minton. What is the distance to Minton?" All in your head! ~ Donna

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