Jobs in History Series

While history books typically spend 90% of the time on rulers and major events, there was a whole anthill of life-as-usual going on beneath the surface! This series takes you straight into the cities and culture of these civilizations in looking at one hundred jobs that people of that time held. Each chapter groups multiple similar jobs together under one heading, such as "Peasant Jobs," "What-To-Wear Jobs," "Artisans and Performers," or "Law & Order Jobs." Each job is described on a full or half-page, complete with an amusing cartoon illustration of the person in that job. The position is described as if you were filling it, such as this one for a Minister Coachman (from Warriors and Wailers) that begins: "Are you looking for a job that has prestige and lets you spend time in the great outdoors?" With their lighthearted descriptions and illustrations, young readers will digest these quickly, and hopefully get a wider view of the everyday world beneath the ruling class. 96 pages each, pb.

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