Third Grade Math

This is actually the first curriculum I looked at when we decided to carry McRuffy Math, and it is still my favorite. Built into the curriculum is a Memory Skills Building program which uses short term memory cards and visual memory picture cards. With the visual memory picture cards, the student studies the card and tries to copy the shapes and symbols from memory. A short term memory card consists of a list of numbers with which you can perform one of four different drills: hear-write, see-write, hear-repeat, and see-repeat. This curriculum also includes a Basic Facts Mastery program for multiplication fact up to 10. It is a combination of hands-on activities using counters, written timed tests, auditory tests, and flashcard drills. Fun, geometric puzzles involving a geoboard, tangrams, or pentominoes are also included throughout the year. The curriculum set includes a teacher's manual, workbook, and the third grade math card set. The teacher's manual also includes workbook answers. This curriculum covers 4-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping, writing and reading Roman numerals in the thousands, multiplication facts to 12, division facts to 10, money (adding, subtracting), place value to millions, fractions (adding, subtracting, multiplying), perimeter and area, logic, geometric reasoning, and more in 160 lessons.

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Grades: K-3
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