McRuffy Math Program

Just like a child's mind, this manipulative-based curriculum grows more complex with each passing grade. At the kindergarten level, math lessons are short and sweet. These bite-sized lessons will not overwhelm your child with too much information presented too quickly. Lessons involve simple hands-on activities, such as making pattern block designs or modeling addition using base ten materials, which will help young learners to make concrete connections. A greater emphasis is placed on auditory math exercises in the first grade. These exercises simultaneously help develop listening skills as well as mental math skills. By the second grade, students should be ready to tackle an increased amount of workbook practice which is provided for each lesson. The third grade curriculum returns to a normal amount of practice, but also implements two new programs, Memory Skills Building and Basic Facts Mastery.

The curriculum for each grade comes as a boxed set which includes a teacher's manual and a consumable workbook. The teacher's manual generally includes a scope and sequence, daily lesson plans, copy masters, and tests. For the second and third grades, workbook answers are also provided. Instruction spirals so skills are reviewed and expanded upon when a topic is revisited. Lesson plans are highly organized and simple to use. Each lesson plan provides: 1) lesson objectives, 2) a list of required materials (including any workbook pages to be completed), and 3) teaching instructions that become more detailed and scripted with each grade. All workbooks are printed in black and white with the exception of the Kindergarten Color Math Workbook. As they are not reproducible, extra workbooks for additional students are available separately. Some of the curriculum sets also include either a card set or a resource pack which contains other required materials such as number cards and charts.

Manipulative kits are not included with any curriculum set and should be purchased separately. For your convenience, we have several "upgrade" kits available that will let you add on to your current manipulative kit for the next grade. Or, you can opt to get the Super Set which includes all manipulatives for grades K through 3. Please note that common household materials such as paper, pencil, crayons, scissors, or coins, are not provided in any manipulative kit but may be required for certain lessons. ~ Anh

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