Be the Best

What's bright, colorful, and easy to read, with fun and appealing illustrations? You're right! It's this series designed to give your young student a head start on the tools needed for academic success. Each book is full of useful and time-tested tips for conquering math, reading, science, or writing. As a general rule, each provides a road map through the basics of the subject - for instance, the writing book covers the writing process and introduces the different forms of writing. You might think of these as "dummies" books for elementary students. The road maps, when grasped, leave the child with a framework for approaching the subject and build a sense of confidence in his ability to do so. Each book ends with a Dream Big segment that gives the child a glimpse into how these skills might be used in "real life." Included is a segment on general study skills, encouragement to work on building skills each day, references for further information (books and internet sites), a glossary and an index.

Math - step by step through the basic math processes along with some very useful hints and "tricks."

Writing - as mentioned before, coverage of the writing process and forms of writing. Note: initially most writing is shown being done at computers. This changes later in the book.

Science - covers scientific method and encourages use of mnemonics for remembering processes (gives a few really good mnemonics as well).

Reading - an overview of types of literature, how to read different genres, and online reading & searching.

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