Spectrum Sight Words 2015

These books are based on Fry’s Instant Sight Word List. This is a list of the 300 most frequently used words. It’s calculated that young children encounter about 50-75% of these words as they begin to read. This series is designed to acquaint the young reader with those words and to provide activities to promote the learning of these words. Each worksheet targets 3 or 4 words. The student first writes these words and then completes an activity such as matching words and meanings, filling in missing letters, or answering questions. Every third page is a review worksheet. These worksheets make up the bulk of these 150 pg, pb books but there are additional activities in the back – close sentences (pick a word to complete the sentence), scrambled sentences, and flash cards. Also in the back is a complete answer key and three 100-words-per-page sight word lists. Evidently “sight” words means different things to different people. Although the words on these lists are considered by some educators to be “sight” words, to my phonics-familiar scrutiny many (such as at, big, way, ball, cut, set) seem to fall into common word families and conform to phonics rules typically presented to kindergartners and first graders. ~ Janice

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