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Is it a puzzle, a game, or a spelling quiz? Depends on how you use it. I just love a portable product like this that practices real skills. It plays in the palm of your hand, with magnetic wheels imprinted with letters, that turn and can be rearranged for even more versatility. Each consonant is assigned a point-value for scoring the words constructed. All words around the wheel count, including words within words. It's kind of a Scrabble on wheels! The game is simple enough for a young child, yet challenging enough for an adult. Any number of people can play, either by taking turns or by supplying each with their own Wordspin. You can also make the game as simple or challenging as you want by varying rules of play. Choose from the original format (better for younger people) or the smaller keychain version.

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Item # 003158
Grades: PK-AD
Retail: $15.99
Our Price: $13.05
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