Very Very Vocabulary

These very unique, engaging vocabulary books contain 72 new words presented with excitement! The idea here is not to systematically pile on words the way you would in the upper grades, but to learn new words to use in everyday language and writing while having fun. Each level contains 72 words with a reproducible activity page for each (see website for inside page view). Students write the word, check out its definition in their dictionary (I like the pronunciation key on the activity page), illustrate the word, and use it in a sentence. A fun fact on each page tells you something about the origin of the word (The word marionette comes from "Little Mary," a type of puppet in the middle ages. During this period, many people could not read or write. Priests used "Little Marys" to teach stories from the Bible.) or an interesting fact about the word itself (A paramecium is about the size of a period at the end of a sentence.) Every page also contains a well-thought-out extension activity. Samples of these include: designing a coat of arms (suitable for a cavalier); making a rubber band paintbrush (to paint some foliage); estimating how many Goldfish crackers would fill a 1-cup measure (guppy); drawing a perfect picnic lunch on a paper plate (for lunching at a pavilion). These were chosen at random; all of the extensions seem like equally engaging activities. The author suggests learning two new words per week and reviewing words on Fridays (picture and word flash cards are included; picture cards are blackline and can be colored by children), including new words as learned, followed by a game or activity centered on the words (suggestions included). As if this wasn't enough, a review test is included for each group of 18 words learned. These are short, one-page reviews requiring children to write definitions for a word, use it in a sentence, or match it to a picture. Oh, and should you want to continue the fun, a blank template page is thoughtfully provided so you can make your own very, very vocabulary pages! A creative homeschooler might just incorporate these into other curriculum areas - say to learn math vocabulary or remember new words encountered in science and history...

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