Vocabulary Builder Series

If you're serious about expanding your student's vocabulary, then this series of vocabulary workbooks is for you. Each book provides a list of hundreds of difficult words and then provides worksheets to not only write the definitions of the words, but also to use the words in sentences. Every lesson in the book takes a select number of vocabulary words from the large list. Students' first job is to write definitions of the words in their own journals. Then, students use the words to fill in blanks in sentences, without referring to the definitions. Students complete other exercises like finishing analogies and matching words. After each lesson, there are review sections where students must fill in blanks of sentences using words from not only that lesson, but all the lessons that have previously been covered. By the end of each book, students will be completing sentences using random vocabulary words from the list of hundreds. A teacher's key is available for each book and provides the correct answers.

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