Words I Use When I Write

It's a spelling dictionary young writers expand upon as they learn new words. The entry for each letter starts off with a list of words and is followed by a number of empty columns (3 pages of columns is the most for any one letter) where students can write other words they want to be able to reference in the future. Columns are also included for listing colors, family, friends, classmates, and pets; and some other lists provided are days of the week, months of the year, contractions, numbers, and ordinals.

The second volume, More Words I Use When I Write, contains words that are a little more difficult. It is set up in much the same format as the original, though there are a few more pages of columns for each letter (3 is still the maximum). Besides columns to list family, friends, and classmates, there are also lists for the names of the days and months, contractions, the 50 states, numbers, and ordinals. 88 pgs. ~ Zach

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