F.W.Prep Writing Series

This is a great series for specific instruction in different writing genres. Since each book focuses on a specific writing project, the instruction is detailed and thorough, but the contemporary, edgy feel of the books keeps them from becoming tedious. The books take students step by step through the process of writing whatever topic they are focusing on, and writing examples and ideas are included. Each lesson is addressed to the student themselves, so teacher involvement is largely reserved for grading. Info on how teachers usually grade the different types of writing is included. A few cartoon graphics, wacky fonts, and two-color charts keep the information visually appealing while each book gives great advice on each genre. Each book contains specific ways to write different types of the featured writing, project ideas to get the imagination up and running, tips on how to make writing really stand out, resources for more information on the genre, and activities to help students start thinking outside of the box when it comes to their writing. Lots of fun and useful writing prompts are given that will prepare students for developing truly extraordinary writing that will help them stand out in school and also draw the attention of future employers. These are compelling, contemporary guides that are great for making sure students have top-notch skills in certain writing areas. 128 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

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Grades: 8-12
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