Mythology for Today: D'Aulaire's Greek Myths

This literature teaching resource is designed to accompany D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths, using these high-interest myths to provide practice in reading comprehension, understanding story elements and construction as well as thought-provoking discussion questions on the conflicts, actions, and motivations of the gods and humans in the myths. A prereading activity given at the beginning of the book orients students to Greek mythology and takes stock of what they know already. The following activities correspond to the chapters of the D'Aulaire book, and contain both worksheet activities and writing assignments. The worksheets feature short answer and multiple-choice reading comprehension questions, while the writing activities ask students to draw upon content from the myths coupled with their own understanding to explore a variety of topics. Writing questions may ask the student's opinion on a god's judgment a mortal, hidden meanings or "morals" in myths, myths in relation to current topics, and more. Ten additional projects are included at the end, and include more involved writing activities, creative activities, and more. These include different forms of writing including stories, dramas, names for products or services, job descriptions, journalism articles, and more. A multiple-choice test, glossary, grading rubrics and answer keys are also included. A little pricey, but the content and scope of activities are excellent. - Jess

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