Science Shepherd Life Science (2nd Ed.)

Maintaining the rigor and clarity we have come to expect from Science Shepherd, the 2nd edition features beautiful new graphics and updated technical terms to align with current standards. Written for self-directed learning, students learn the characteristics and chemistry of life, cells, DNA, heredity, evolution and creation, scientific classification, human anatomy and physiology, nutrition, and earth science (ecology). Components include the hardcover, colorfully-illustrated Textbook, Answer Key/Parent Companion with a 36-week schedule, answers to study questions/tests, and chapter summaries. A test booklet is also available. Suggested scheduled lab activities are found in Life Science Quest for Middle Grades and use household items.

Taught by Dr. Scott Hardin, the Life Science DVDs provide 110 video lessons for 20+ hours of teaching support. Following the 36-week schedule found in the answer key and parent companion, the video lessons provide comprehensive teaching from the 2nd Edition Life Science textbook to help your student better understand God’s creation. Also included are the online chapter review quizzes to help promote subject mastery. Quizzes are automatically scored and can be repeated as much as necessary to ensure mastery. Students (and parents!) will appreciate this additional support that equips student’s for independent learning.

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