3rd Grade Lightning Literature

Please note that one of the literature selections at this level is Wheel on the School, by Meindert deJong. Unfortunately this book is currently out of print and unavailable, but it is easy to find used copies or borrow from the library.

While there is a decided emphasis in Lightning Literature on enjoying and understanding the literature, the program is also decidedly comprehensive in its grammar and usage coverage and just plain expectant in its composition assignments. A Teacher Guide, a Student Worktext, and lots of classic (along with some contemporary) children's books are the components for the program.

The Teacher Guide is the heart of the program and is necessary. It's here that the general flavor of the program is most obvious including its orientation toward teacher-student interaction rather than independent student work. Detailed daily instructions are written in first person to the parent/teacher. The flexibility built into the program is reiterated often with examples of how to adapt the teaching instructions for students who are sluggish or need extra challenge. Weekly schedules have a basic structure. Each day includes literature study, grammar/mechanics study, and work on the weekly composition assignment. All workbook answers are provided in the Teacher Guide

The Student Worktexts include some instructional material but are essentially consumable worktexts. Most of the grammar exercises are included here along with space to write thoughts about the reading selection (i.e. Reading Journal Pages: What this Story is About, What I Think of this Story, and My Favorite Sentence). The books are colorful and appealing. Literature Only Packages include all the literature selections needed for the course. The Grade 3 Full Year Package includes all the literature plus the Teacher Book and Student Worktext. The Random House Book of Poetry for Children is used throughout the year and included in some of the packages.

Literature selections for Grade 3 include: Charlotte's Web, Sarah, Plain and Tall, Ramona and Her Father, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big Wave, Tale of Despereaux, Rickshaw Girl, and Wheel on the School.

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