Well Planned Lesson Plans & Curriculum Kits

These Curriculum Kits and Book Packs include the resources used in the Well Planned Lessons available from the Well Planned Gal. Well-Planned Lessons are grade-level lesson plans for 36 weeks of study, or 180 days. These lesson plans use popular curriculum like Singapore Math (U.S. Edition), All About Spelling and Jay Wiles elementary science program. There are curriculum sets available for all grades from PK-12 and there are three levels of curriculum depth at each grade level: Essential, Enriched and Comprehensive. There are also four history cycles to choose from at grades 2-12, including Ancient Civilizations, Culture & Ideas, A New Nation and Modern World & Geography. Please note that these packages include the curriculum and resources used at each level, but do not include the Well Planned Lessons books.

Weve worked with the Well Planned Gal to create these accompanying curriculum packages for even more flexibility. If you want to use your own math and language arts curriculum at any grade level, see the Book Packs for the multi-grade history and literature resources used at that level. Grade level math and language arts only bundles are also available. There are also Add-On packs if you are using more than one grade level of lesson plans with children at two or more different grade levels. Many of the history and literature resources used are used at multiple grade levels, so weve tried to make it easy to add on only the resources youll need without duplicating non-consumable resources. If you have questions about these Curriculum Kits or Book Packs, our knowledgeable homeschool consultants are available to chat during our regular business hours.

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