Inspirational Nursery Rhymes

Adorable, personable mice with a message. These little character-building board books are designed to encourage children to say, think, and do what is right. For example, from the Responsible book: "I always pick up my toys and make sure things are put away. These are my responsibilities because I was the one who played." Or this from the Inspired book: "It's best to give thanks for all that I see. That's how good things will be attracted to me." Or this from the Manners book: "When mommy is on the phone talking to a friend, it's not polite to interrupt her until she hangs up at the end." Each rhyme is accompanied with delightful illustrations of animal "little people" plus Mama and Papa. The content of the rhymes is moral without being faith-based. 6.25"x 5", 22 pgs, board book. ~ Janice

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Grades: PK-2
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