Core Skills: Social Studies

The term "social studies" encompasses a number of different disciplines - history, geography, economics, culture, government - but the one thing that ties these all together is the fact that studying these as a whole gives kids a greater understanding and appreciation for the multi-faceted world around them. Their world. This reproducible, consumable workbook series begins with social basics, with exercises that test reading and picture comprehension and map and chart skills, as it works through many aspects of the life and history of America and selected places from around the globe. Easy for kids to use on their own, the chapters progress at a steady rate, with one-page checkups at the end of each chapter and reviews and tests at the end of each unit. First and second grade books have unit projects also, where basic instructions are given at the beginning of the unit, so kids can gather the information needed for a presentation in one form or another, by the end of the unit. Each workbook is between 128-160 perforated pages long, has black and white pictures and illustrations and includes an answer key. - Zach

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