Carbon Chemistry: Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry Curriculum

I think it takes a rare person to try to present basic chemistry at a level that an upper-elementary or middle-school student can understand, but ORGANIC chemistry? Normally, you only really scratch the surface of organic chemistry in high school, and if you go into a science-related field in college, then you're really hit with it. So, before I even cracked the cover, I was very impressed with Ellen McHenry's follow-up to her first chemistry program, The Elements. And parents, even if you never took organic chemistry, it's not as complicated as it sounds, and I'll bet you'll be drawn in as you learn along with the kids! It sounds advanced and frightening, but organic chemistry is really just an intersection of chemistry and biology, and learning the chemistry and formation of things like fats, proteins and carbohydrates can be very intriguing. It's like being able to put a "face" with a name. When you understand how molecules and substances act in your body, it can put a whole new aspect on the boring old chemistry you thought you knew!

Available "all in one" with Teacher and Student Information. A separate Student Text is available for additional children.

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