Institutes of Christian Religion

Considered by many to be the definitive work of Christian theology, John Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion is available from Bridge-Logos in four beautifully presented volumes. This version is translated by Henry Beveridge and contains the same additional material in each book that readers will find helpful for historical background and learning more about the person of John Calvin: the original translator's preface, the note from the original printers to the readers, the prefatory address (John Calvin to Francis, King of France), Calvin's epistle to the reader (prefix to his last, revised edition), and The Life of John Calvin by John Foxe (of Foxe's Book of Martyrs fame). Closing out each book is a study guide, a list of one hundred aphorisms from the four books, A Defense of Calvinism by Charles Haddon Spurgeon and a summary of the Five Points of Calvinism. All books are paperback. ~ Zach

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