This might be billed as a "classic since 1913", but Tinkertoys have been jazzed up a bit! I don't remember having bendable pieces in my childhood, but there are some here - along with bright colors and some interesting variations in the plastic pieces. These pieces also seem just a tad larger. That being said, the buildability and playability are the same even if the satisfying snap of pieces coming together is new. The small instruction flyer shows possible projects with steps to follow and although the projects are few, it's enough to get the creative juices flowing. What has been built can be unbuilt, and you're ready to go again. Take a step back in time - out of the techno world. Made in the USA.

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Item # 060205
Grades: PK-AD
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Item # 067934
Grades: PK-6
Retail: $29.99
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Item # 067935
Grades: PK-6
Retail: $49.99
Our Price: $39.95
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