Sing 2 Learn Beginning Toddler Books

We all know our little ones are sponges and love to repeat what they hear. We also know that the songs you learned when you were little are still in your head! Seize the moment with your babies and toddlers and introduce them to 3 languages at once! Each book comes with an audio CD and DVD of 30 songs. The book is colorful and songs are grouped by language. Spanish songs have the English translation below, and the Chinese songs show the characters as well as the Pinyin (how the word would look using our alphabet) with English translations. All songs are numbered on the discs so you can easily find the same songs on the CD and in the book. Perusing the contents, it looks there are a couple of songs that appear in all three languages, but most are different. There is no progression, so you may use the levels in any order. Pb, 40 pp. ~ Sara

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