Mary Poppins

If you've only seen the movie, let me introduce the real Mary Poppins, who is strange and extraordinary, "frightening and at the same time exciting." Her personality isn't sugary-sweet, but you will come to love her and the many adventures she has for the large crew of Banks children. The four books in this series are reprints of the original published in the 1930s, written by P.L. Travers. I love the author's word play and tongue-in-cheek telling of this lively, magical story. Then, all of a sudden, she dips into the minds and reactions of the eldest children. The writing style pulls you quickly along and then, before you know it, you find you're reading with a smile on your face (and perhaps even chuckling), making this a wonderful read-aloud series as well. Illustrated by Mary Shephard, there are full-color whimsical illustrations on the covers and some delightful black-and-white illustrations strewn throughout the text. Available for purchase individually or as a boxed set. A great classic that is truly "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"! (That term was invented later on by another famous person, but I couldn't resist!) Books are 5" x 7.5", range from 190-250 pages, and are sc. ~ Ruth

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