Yellow (Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind)

This yellow level is the final option in this 4-part grammar series. The progressive pattern used in the Blue, Red, and Purple levels continues in this volume. While lessons in each volume follow the same teaching and progression, students will practice and work with different sentences from different literature. Some examples of grammar selections include a nonfiction selection from Review 1E that requires the student to use editing marks. In contrast, a fun challenge in the 9K Review is one single sentence from Charles Dickens’ Barnaby Rudge that is over 255 words! Use the Yellow Workbook Key (488 pgs, sc) and the Yellow Student Workbook (632 pgs, sc) in conjunction with the Core Instructor Text (which provides the question/answer dialogues for 130 lessons); the Grammar Guidebook (a condensed handbook with grammar rules explained with literature rules).

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