If your toy collection is anything like ours, you have a myriad of play sets, each containing lots of pieces, and, when simultaneously dumped out on your toy room (every room?) floor, it looks like a tornado tore through. No doubt you will see the benefit of these playmats instantly! Lay-N-Go activity mats provide a place to play, quick cleanup, and storage, all in one convenient product. Each mat is circular when opened and lays flat, creating a contained space to play with all those little pieces. When your kids are done playing, they simply pull the drawstring to tightly close the mat into a knapsack like storage bag. Clean-up couldn't be easier! With a diameter of 5-feet, the large Lay-N-Go's provide ample playing space, and can hold large collections of building blocks, cars, etc, while the Lite (smaller size) is perfect for packing toys for on the go, such as to take on a trip, to a restaurant, or other places. - Steph

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