Chrononauts Card Game

If you've ever wanted to change the events of history, then Chrononauts is a unique experience you will have to try! It's a card game based around 32 TimeLine cards (1865-1999 in the original game; 1770-1904 for Early American). The cards are arranged in a grid, chronologically. Each card is labeled with a major event and the reverse side of the card holds an "alternate reality" event. For example, the 1865 card is "Lincoln Assassinated" while the reverse side is "Lincoln Wounded." At the beginning of the game, you set up the TimeLine and each player draws a mission card, an identity card and 3 cards from the deck. On each player's turn, they will draw a card and play a card. Cards include Artifacts (objects to collect), Gadgets (special powers), Actions (single-use events), Timewarps (special actions), Inverters (which change history), and Patches (to repair history). There are multiple ways to win, including collecting three artifacts, altering the TimeLine to include 3 specific events, or holding 10 cards in your hand at the end of a turn. Yes, there's a lot going on, but wow, what a cool game! The Original Chrononauts and Early American Chrononauts are standalone games, each set in a different time period while the Gore Years Expansion takes the Original game into the 21st century with 11 new cards.

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Grades: 6-AD
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