Eco Wood Art Model Kits

Construct a variety of contraptions without the need for glue, screws, or staples! All that is needed to bring these models to life is some rubber bands. Each kit contains plywood panels with all the necessary pieces to make each machine. Pieces can easily be punched out, then fit together to build various machines. Picture instructions are included for assembly and each piece is numbered to help determine placement. When pieces are assembled correctly, they will fall into place with a satisfying “click”. Simple rubber band power enables each machine to run, roll, fire, and fling just like the real things! If the builder desires to personalize the gadgets, they can also be painted. Having assembled similar models, I recommend having a toothpick or like-sized metal tool on hand to punch out very fine or complex pieces, and sandpaper for the rare times a piece requires edges to be smooth. It’s great fun to construct these mechanisms and see them clipping along without any electrical parts! ~ Janine

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Item # 030904
Grades: 7-AD
Retail: $43.90
Our Price: $35.95
Item # 030915
Grades: 7-AD
Retail: $34.90
Our Price: $21.39
Item # 030943
Grades: 7-AD
Retail: $32.90
Our Price: $29.95
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