Summer Book Contest 2017

Congrats to the Winners!

Book Winner Ages 7-10

7-10 Age Group:

  • 1st Place Winner:
  • Vasco da Llama by Olivia C., Age 10
  • Runner Up:
  • Brave Ken-Nia by Evangeline P., Age 8

Book Winner Ages 11-14

11-14 Age Group:

  • 1st Place Winner:
  • Crossed Fingers by Caleb K., Age 13
  • Runner Up:
  • Agent 355 by Emily B., Age 13

Book Winner Ages 15-18

15-18 Age Group:

  • 1st Place Winner:
  • Clara's Prayer by Anna Z., Age 17
  • Runner Up:
  • Gilda by Elizabeth M., Age 17

Overall Grand Prize Winner to be published and sold at Rainbow Resource Center:

Clara's Prayer by Anna Z., Age 17

Take Up Your Pen, Creative Writers!

My Comic Book Kit

Get your pencils sharpened. It's time for our 3rd Annual Super Summer Book Contest! This year, young writers and illustrators have the opportunity to create an original work of historical fiction using an easy-to-use book kit from Lulu Jr . They'll start with this kit from Lulu Jr., which has the story pages and complete instructions. For the contest, you'll get a discounted price (50% off with free postal shipping available for the first 500 only)! When complete, mail your finished pages to the publisher (Lulu Jr.), and in 2-3 weeks, your professionally printed, hard cover book will arrive!

Enter the contest by emailing your student's book information to us (see details in Rules below). We will be choosing a winner and a runner-up in 3 age groups: ages 7-10, ages 11-14 and ages 15-18. Entries will be judged based on criteria from the rubric (see Rules). Grand prize winners will receive $250 and runners-up will receive $100 cash. Every contestant will receive a $5 Dairy Queen gift card with their submission! Woohoo! Ice cream! One of the 3 grand prize winners will be selected to have their original book printed and sold by Rainbow Resource Center, making them a published author! How exciting is that? Deadline for entering is Sept 1, 2017. Winners will be announced November 10th, 2017.

Please take the time to read our page of contest details and the judging criteria carefully. Contest limited to U.S. residents only.

UPDATE: Winners will be announced by 11/10/17!


How to Participate . . .