Set of 6 Preschool ABC Books

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Set of 6 Preschool ABC Books | Main photo (Cover) Set of 6 Preschool ABC Books | Main photo (Cover)

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from West Virginia wrote the following on :
I love to use these books with my preschooler. I used them a couple of years ago with my son, and am planning on using them again next year with my daughter. Although they are not colorful they give the kids a ton of practice coloring, cutting, pasting, etc. that preschoolers need in order to develop their skills for kindergarten. They also give cute little rhymes for the children to remember how to write their numbers. My son, at 4 yrs. old, was very active and I soon learned that he could not handle doing "school" work every day even just a page or two a day. We were able to do 3 pages a week and this gave us more than enough material for the entire year.
from Mississippi wrote the following on :
I really love these books, and so did my 4 year old daughter. Filled with pre-writing, writing letters, numbers, letter sounds, counting, practicing writing their name. You write their name on the line, either dotted or regular, your preference. They can trace and copy it. You could do this on tablet paper too, but it helps to be reminded. There is also coloring, cut and paste, dot-to- dot, color by number, even special reading sections where it is filled with small pictures. You read with them. Stop when you get to a picture, and let them say it. They feel like they are really reading (usually a simple Bible story), and it gets them accustomed to reading left to right before they know how to read. There is no teacher preparation, just open and go. The only thing you might want to know is that if your child loved them as much as mine did, you will run out of schoolbooks for the year. But still a great start for doing school with your little ones. I'm buying them again for my next little one.
from United Kingdom wrote the following on :
My son really likes this program, he enjoys doing all the simple but very educational workpages. Though the pages are black and white, they're really fun to do! There are teacher's notes on the bottom of each page, so no extra teacher's guides, which was really a big plus for us. No teacher prep. time at all! The workbooks go through different skills in different books, like letters or numbers. Some are review of earlier learned skills, without it being more difficult. To be honest: I ripped all the workbooks apart and changed the order! It just didn't make sense to me to introduce some of the letters, and to never review them again. I like the G-H-I series more than the earlier ones. You can easily start from G as well, basically, you can start with any book you wish! Overall: very useful workbooks, low price, nice for 'those first days'
from Maryland wrote the following on :
I can't give enough praise about this series. It is one of the best bargains we have seen since we began homecschooling 5 years ago. This year we are using it for the fourth time (with our fourth child---age 3). Our children have loved using these workbooks. (In fact, I've often seen them reminiscing about a particular page as they watch their younger sibling!) It has a strong Bible content and the perfect balance between learning (numbers, letters, shapes, colors), handwriting, and the small motor skills of cutting and pasting. There are even a few stories and songs along the way. If you can, I recommend purchasing extra "B" workbooks (Bible Stories to Color) for other primary school-aged children in your home. We purchased the coloring books for all of ours and as a morning devotional time the kids colored while I read the corresponding story from the "Bible Stories to Read" Teacher book. There is no teacher prep for this series and you could easily do as much or as little as you would like each day.
from Ohio wrote the following on :
This was the very first thing we used when we officially started homeschooling. It was fun and easy and gave me as the mom/teacher the confidence I needed to move on to other more complicated things later. Right after we finished these books, which was all review of basic things for my 5 year old, we moved on to the phonics curriculum that comes after this. However I am thinking about using these for my 3 yr old for preschool as they are perfect for her level. No matter what, its is an excellent bargain. Lots of cutting and coloring and matching and tracing. And wonderful little Bible lessons and memory verses.
from Michigan wrote the following on :
My daughter loved all of these workbooks. They are very thorough in PK skills and she transferred to advanced K work very easily. What was nice was the very basic pictures, all black and white. My daughter loved to color the animals and everything after her lesson as a reward! I highly recommend these!
from Shellman, Georgia wrote the following on :
I'm about to use these books on my sixth and final child. I LOVE them and so do they-they're just great all around and keep the interest of the child!! They're easy to use for the teacher and child.
from River Falls, WI wrote the following on :
My son absolutely loves these series. You can start on any of them, but each and every book teaches unique aspects for Preschool-Kindergarten. Whenever we get our school books out, he grabs this, and loves to go through the pages he's already done; then seek eagerly to see what the next lesson is about. We look forward to the new releases of the rest of their series. Very reasonably priced!
from Ontario, Canada wrote the following on :
I bought these books for my 4-year-old after using and loving R&S curriculum for my 6 year old. He just wasn't catching on with other curricula that we had tried. I thought I would try R&S for him as well seeing as it works wonderfully with my other son. He has really taken to it and is learning very well. And the price of it is fantastic. Where else are you going to find a full preschool curriculum for under $20? :) It's simple to teach, easy to understand and teaches things in a methodical order so as to not confuse and overwhelm the child. We love R&S!