Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 2 With Economics

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Grades: 6-8

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Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 2 With Economics | Main photo (Cover) Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 2 With Economics | Additional photo (inside page) Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 2 With Economics | Additional photo (inside page) Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 2 With Economics | Additional photo (inside page)

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from Seattle wrote the following on :
We've started with Pre-Algebra 1 and are continuing with Pre-Algebra 2, and we have Beginning Algebra. These books are wonderfully motivating to use, although it's easy for my girl to get lost in the story and ignore the math. Fortunately, he wakes her up with the Bridge sections. I believe that if you've used the previous books, mathematically you don't need both pre-algebra books.
from Hope Mills, NC wrote the following on :
Our daughter has dyscalculia and other math curricula caused volcanic eruptions of tears. If you hadn't reviewed LIFE of FRED in such detail, I wouldn't have contacted the books' author, and my daughter probably wouldn't be smiling and laughing her way through her math today! Thanks again!
from Ohio wrote the following on :
Our family is crazy about LOF. I purchased Fractions, because my son was struggling with fractions using Math-U-See. Three months later, he is a fraction whiz and asking when the decimal book will be in. There is little teacher prep: pre-reading the entertaining lessons and grading the Bridges. Most of the lessons are self-taught. Children are encouraged to be independent and not rely on the instructor or parent in order to learn. Of all the money I have spent on math curriculums, LOF has been the BEST investment.
from Texas wrote the following on :
LOF Fractions is the book that turned Math around for my son. I read about Life of Fred(LOF) on a homeschooling board and knew that I had to at least try it. The story of Fred is engaging(I even enjoy reading the stories!) and at the same time weaves mathematical concepts into the lesson. The problems in the book are presented in a fun and easy setting but are still challenging enough that students learn Math and the whys and wherefores behind the concepts. The book is beneficial to those students whose strengths lie in verbal and language abilities. It puts Math in 'their language'. The LOF series has given my son a confidence in Math that I had not seen before and has taught him to work independently. Another plus for this series is cost. LOF is one of the least expensive Math programs available for homeschoolers. My son is now in high-school and we will continue to use the LOF series for his Math credits.
from Alaska wrote the following on :
I have seven children, ages 22 down to 3, and NO other curriculum has been as helpful or enjoyable as Life of Fred Math. We've used all the books from Apples (1st grade) to Calculus with the various ages of children. My kids who were older when we started using the books learned more math to mastery in one year than they had in all the years before put together. My three oldest (In 11th, 9th, and 7th grade at the time) had pretty much given up hope of ever understanding math but after using Life of Fred: Fractions (the book they all started with), they not only "get" math, they LIKE math! Plus, they learn it all on their own, just like they should.