Galloping the Globe with CD

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ISBN: 9781931397650
Grades: K-4
Author: Loree' Pettit/Dari Mullins

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Galloping the Globe with CD | Main photo (Cover) Galloping the Globe with CD | Main photo (Cover) Galloping the Globe with CD | Additional photo (inside page) Galloping the Globe with CD | Additional photo (inside page) Galloping the Globe with CD | Additional photo (inside page) Galloping the Globe with CD | Additional photo (inside page) Galloping the Globe with CD | Additional photo (inside page) Galloping the Globe with CD | Additional photo (inside page)

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from northeast usa wrote the following on :
I just finished up this curriculum with my two girls last month. We did the shorter route, going for less than a year. We had so much fun learning about different countries around the world, inventions that started in those countries, doing origami, learning about neat people from those countries and missionaries! You can take up to 3 years and if I could do it all over again, I would. There's even a section about Christmas around the world which was really exciting to do around the holidays. I highly recommend this for anyone considering a unit study. This was our first unit study and we plan to continue with Cantering the Country. As my 8 year old said, it was a "year long adventure!"
from Fredericktown, Ohio wrote the following on :
We began using this unit study last school year and are, indeed, enjoying our slow and steady gallop over the globe. This curriculum is a unit study which can include Geography, Bible, History, Science, Art, and Literature. We are picking and choosing what we include depending on our interests and resources. My two school-aged children are using this resource (my daughter is in the 4th grade and my son is in the 2nd grade). We typically only cover the topic of Geography one day a week, so that is part of the reason we aren't sprinting over the globe. Last year we studied Asia and Europe and we are beginning this school year learning about Africa. My kids have enjoyed the puzzles/mazes/etc. that are included in the book; however, I don't necessarily think they add much to the actual study. There are many suggested literature resources for each country/explorer/musician etc. that I have found to be available at our local library and the authors have also included many internet website resources, as well. There are suggestions to study famous people (artist, musicians, authors, explorers, inventors, etc.), missionaries and their mission work, food, and animals from each county, as well as maps and flag reproducibles. My kids have especially enjoyed studying the animals from each continent. As we study each animal, we also draw that animal using "Draw*Write*Now" books -you can build a world geography study of all seven continents and learn to draw animals from each continent by having Draw*Write*Now Books 4, 7 & 8! We put together everything we learn in our Geography Notebooks and enjoy wowing people with the facts we have discovered! We can never eat Raemen Noodles again without one of the children reminding us that the Chinese eat long noodles to symbolize long life. As we study new animals from Africa, the kids love to try to stump Daddy with new facts as soon as he gets home, "Did you know the ostrich has the largest eye of any land animal?" My kids don't know everything about the grade level text material their public school friends know - but what we know is interesting, understood and exciting! So, every Friday we can be found gathered on the couch reading about a Missionary Hero in Africa, coloring flags from the country of our study, imagining ourselves herding the family goats in a destitute African village or being fascinated at God's creativity as we study how giraffes have a 6 foot neck yet have no more neck bones than ourselves! This is a resource that is a true value - it is written for grades Kindergarten to Fourth Grade level; however, I intend to continue using it past fourth grade because I am confident it can be adapted to older children - most of the resources are library resources - the book is simply a guide to your own studies. As the authors state, "May this curriculum serve to make your study of geography a pleasure and spur your students to develop a life-long interest in the people and culture of God\'s wide world." Our family is certainly enjoying our long Gallop of this awesome globe!
from Michigan wrote the following on :
We used this as an introduction to world geography & cultures for my 5 year old, and I have been amazed at how much she has retained. Even my 3 year old understands the idea of countries and continents, and how people all over the world are the same as and different from us. We had so much fun with this program - especially the recipes! This program requires a lot of supplemental books, but we had no problem finding acceptable resources at our local library. We plan to use it again in a few years, at a deeper level, because it can be adapted for K-5th grades.
from Southeast Wisconsin wrote the following on :
I purchased "Galloping the Globe" because my child wanted to study children in other countries and cultures. "Galloping the Globe" is a unit study which is designed to take you around the world in 1-3 years. The unit study is written for Kindergarten through Fourth Grade. The curriculum is divided into the seven continents and countries within the continents. Each country is divided into the following sections: people/history, general reference books, literature, science, vocabulary, music/art projects, internet resources and the Bible. The weaknesses of this curriculum are: 1. The curriculum has no set schedule, you will have to create your own. 2. The science section is the introduction to the animal kingdom. If your child loves science you will have to supplement with additional materials/experiments. The strengths of this curriculum are: 1. There is a wealth of information in this unit study, which can be a bit overwhelming at first. However you can pick and choose what sections you would like to cover and what resources to utilize. 2. The cookbook "Eat Your Way Around the World" is an excellent resource for cooking up culinary delights from other cultures. 3. The curriculum is extremely affordable. 4. The section on "Christmas Around the World" gives you an opportunity to celebrate Christmas in the tradition of other countries and cultures. 5. The Yahoo Group which is owned by the author is a great place to meet other families who are utilizing the curriculum. Additional resources we are utilizing to complete our journey of "around the world in 36 weeks" are: V.M. Hillyer's "A Child's Geography of the World", The Walt Disney /Walden Media movie version of "Around the World in 80 Days", DK Children Just Like Me, DK Children Just Like Me Celebrations, DK Animal Encyclopedia,Heaven's Heroes and Hero Tales.
from Florida wrote the following on :
I started using this Curriculum in second grade with my son, and only wished I had started with it in Kindergarten. It's fun, keeps kids interested in subjects, and allows you to be creative; intertwining subjects to make the lesson easier to learn. Also, you can move them ahead in subjects or keep them at grade level, if need be. I have seen the growth in my son. It has made teaching a breeze for me; although, it does require preparation on my part for the lessons.