Trail Guide to World Geography

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ISBN: 9781931397155
Grades: PreK-Adult
Author: Cindy Wiggers

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Trail Guide to World Geography | Main photo (Cover) Trail Guide to World Geography | Main photo (Cover) Trail Guide to World Geography | Additional photo (inside page) Trail Guide to World Geography | Additional photo (inside page) Trail Guide to World Geography | Additional photo (inside page) Trail Guide to World Geography | Additional photo (inside page) Trail Guide to World Geography | Additional photo (inside page) Trail Guide to World Geography | Additional photo (inside page)

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from Virginia and Bahrain wrote the following on :
Without a doubt, the Trail Guide curriculum, which can be used individually, with your kids, or in a co-op group, is of high quality and well worth the money. When you have completed this program, your children (and you) will have an awesome wealth of geography knowledge and will be ready to enjoy some world traveling. We have completed all three of the Trail Guides (World Geography, US Geography, and Bible Geography) and loved them all. Each guide has interesting questions, fabulous mapping activities, a superb literature project, intriguing points of interest, and art projects, which are geared to different ages and learning styles. With the World Geography, we studied one continent per month, with a little more time for Africa, as outlined in the guide and I created a set schedule for each continent to correlate with the guide. Each week, the students completed the questions from the guide and read books on the continents and countries. In the 1st week of each continent, we completed the mapping activities and a spreadsheet which I created. The kids researched basic facts to complete the spreadsheet such as capitals, currency, language, religion, population, etc. The 2nd week of each continent, we studied the people and places of interest. The 3rd week, we drew each country's flag of that continent and tasted foods from those countries. The 4th week, we completed extra assignments or special projects as directed in the Trail Guide. During the month's study of the continent, each student would choose a different topic, from the guide's suggestions, to research and write a paper which was then presented to the family/group. At the end of the continent study, we enjoyed a game of geography jeopardy which I created from the questions, reviews in the guide, books we read, and papers which were presented. After completing the guide, the students had an awesome notebook full of beautiful maps, details of each continent, and fabulous flags, which they could proudly share with the grandparents. When friends or family have geography questions, my kids know the answers now! For resources with the guide, we used the Uncle Josh Outline Book, online websites such as the CIA World Facts website, maps, Flags of the World website, books from the library, and of course, food from the produce and specialty sections of local grocery stores. Wow, we all learned a tremendous amount and had so much fun completing this study together! Unexpectedly, God sent our family to live overseas and we were very prepared for our world travels after studying geography using the Trail Guide to World Geography! I highly recommend the Trail Guide curriculum and I highly recommend traveling, both of which will increase your knowledge and understanding of this incredible world which God has created!
from Arizona wrote the following on :
The guide is decent, although it doesn't have a huge number of activities and ideas for each chapter. In reality, mostly the same ideas are used for each chapter, and they didn't strike me as particularly creative (i.e., make a word search/crossword puzzle from your vocabulary words, write an essay about the country and include a drawing of the flag, list exports/imports, make flash cards, etc.). There are a few creative ideas to work with. There are several significant typos in the guide (duplicate chapter numbers, misspelled words, etc.). Under the Geography Through Art section, there is typically a bullet list of phrases. For instance, when learning about Europe, the bulleted list might say -Roman Architecture -Versailles -Stained Glass Windows -Eiffel Tower, etc. I kept seeing these lists and thinking, "I didn't need this guide. I could've figured that much out!" I was hoping for something a bit deeper in knowledge and thought. At other times, the GTA list would say, "Try your hand at Eskimo Bone Art," without any explanation or directions in the Guide or in the optional accompanying book, "Geography Through Art." Since the guide is not expensive, I might recommend it to someone who was just beginning to home school or didn't feel like he/she could handle a simple geography study independently. However, this guide really wasn't what I was expecting based on the other reviews. Overall, it's an 'ok' guide, in my opinion.
from Colorado wrote the following on :
What a great resource for teaching geography across the curriculum to students of all ages! We kicked off our year with the "chocolate chip geological dig" in chapter 5 and my children were hooked. We're using The Ultimate Guide along with Trail Guide to World Geography and Geography Through Art for a very fun, complete geography program that appeals to my children from 1st through 5th grade. What I like most about this book is that the wealth of information and ideas in this book is useful for teaching up through the high school level which makes it very economical. There are also several pages of resources for use in history and science as well as geography. These include the timeline figures, "Who Am I" game cards, landform cards, weather report pages, and maps. Don't miss out on this valuable resource. No homeschool should be without it!