Easy Grammar Ultimate Series Grade 10 Teacher Edition

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ISBN: 9780936981659
Grade: 10
Author: Dr. Wanda C. Phillips

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Easy Grammar Ultimate Series Grade 10 Teacher Edition | Main photo (Cover) Easy Grammar Ultimate Series Grade 10 Teacher Edition | Main photo (Cover) Easy Grammar Ultimate Series Grade 10 Teacher Edition | Additional photo (inside page) Easy Grammar Ultimate Series Grade 10 Teacher Edition | Additional photo (inside page)

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from springport, MI wrote the following on :
Thank you so much Wanda C. Phillips, you have made learning grammar so easy! A weight has been lifted off my shoulders. My daughter Rachel, really does understand your approach. She now does grammar by herself. She started using easy grammar in 6th grade, after A Beka Book was becoming confusing, and used it again in 7th grade. We were both so excited to see that you have extended the program to Jr. high and high school. My daughter will be entering 8th grade in the fall of 2010. Now I will not have to look for another grammar curriculum, my daughter will be using Easy Grammar Ultimate! Thanks again, Rebecca B. Springport, MI
from Middle TN wrote the following on :
Easy Grammar Ultimate grade 8 has been a boon for my family. Coming into Junior High, my daughter had a firm grammatical foundation. However, I certainly didn't want her forgetting all the grammar that she had already learned. Yet, many traditional programs were simply too time consuming and expensive for what I considered mostly review. Enter Easy Grammar Ultimate. In less than 20 minutes a day my daughter reviews the concepts of grammar she has already been exposed to; also the curriculum keeps them fresh in her mind with regular review. If you have a learner who struggles with grammar, I think this curriculum would be quite helpful as well. Topics like capitalization and punctuation are covered thoroughly, along with phrases and clauses. One thing I really like about this program is that the student is taught prepositions in the first week. One needs to memorize (or at least be able to recognize) prepositions. Later the student is advised to cross out prepositional phrases; this practice is invaluable to a student when he is learning to identify and label various parts of sentences and parts of speech, as prepositional phrases can be confusing when picking apart a sentence. The lessons are very clear and to the point. They are written directly to the student and would not require much teaching as a general rule. This is an ideal program for an independent worker. The books are not in color nor hardbound; However they are an excellent value in my opinion. They binding and cover is more sturdy than the typical paperback book. The teacher edition has everything you need for the year's grammar; it includes the student text pages and they are reproducible for home use. However, considering the cost of photocopying, unless one has access to a personal copy machine, I found it more economical to simply purchase a student text. The answers are included in the back of the teacher's book as are some teaching tips. However, there are no lesson by lesson instructions solely for the teacher. Each daily lesson has 5 parts. The first part is capitalization, the second is punctuation. The third and fourth are grammatical concepts. The last part is always sentence combining, intended to help students edit their own writing to make it more concise. The sample sentences and practice exercises are very interesting and instructive. A person can learn some interesting things simply while doing ones grammar exercises. Some sentences mention topics like history, geography, literature, and health. One thing that is important to realize however, is that while Easy Grammar Ultimate will give your student a firm foundation and the tools he might need for excellent composition, no composition exercises are included in this book. One must give one's student independent writing exercises or use an additional composition curriculum. After all to become a proficient writer, it requires more than the knowledge of mechanics...it requires practice. Easy Grammar Ultimate will definitely give your students a solid grasp of Grammar mechanics.
from Pennsylvania wrote the following on :
Daily Grammar is a great 10 minute daily review. My children never complain!! Grammar made easy! Thanks
from United States wrote the following on :
This is our first year of home school and my daughter is in 9th grade. These lessons have made me very aware of how little the public schools have covered! It takes less than 15 min. for her to complete a sheet and then we review what she did wrong. The lessons are clear and concise. They are doing a fine job of sharpening her skills in grammar.