ARTistic Pursuits Early Elementary K-3 Book One 3rd ed - Introduction to Visual Arts

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ISBN: 9781939394019
Grades: K-3
Author: Brenda Ellis

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ARTistic Pursuits Early Elementary K-3 Book One 3rd ed - Introduction to Visual Arts | Main photo (Cover) ARTistic Pursuits Early Elementary K-3 Book One 3rd ed - Introduction to Visual Arts | Additional photo (inside page) ARTistic Pursuits Early Elementary K-3 Book One 3rd ed - Introduction to Visual Arts | Additional photo (inside page) ARTistic Pursuits Early Elementary K-3 Book One 3rd ed - Introduction to Visual Arts | Additional photo (inside page)

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from marquette,mi wrote the following on :
We LOVE this program!!! This program is adaptable to older and younger kids! There is little teacher prep and is VERY easy to use. The projects are "real" art. This program really teaches art to the students and I would highly recommend it to any busy homeschool mom to be used with all the children she is homeschooling rather than several different age appropriate programs. I would highly recommend buying the art materials from Rainbow as they are cheapest here. You won't need a set of everything for all the students, but charcoal pencils will be needed for each child. I love teaching this art course and it's fun for my kids!
from TN wrote the following on :
The Artistic Pursuits program has been one of the highlights of our school year! We used Book 1 (K-3) for our 4-, 6-, and 9-year-old children, and all three of them enjoyed it and learned a lot. Doing our art class was always something they looked forward to with much enthusiasm! This book is a splendid way to introduce children (and adults) to the world of art. Not only does Artistic Pursuits teach art methods, it also teaches art history and appreciation in one handy book. The first book for K-3 is “An Introduction to the Visual Arts.” There are three basic units titled “What Artists Do,” “What Artists See,” and “Where We Find Art.” Within these three units, there are 32 lessons covering various topics such as landscapes, portraits, still-lifes, photos, sculpture, stained glass, mosaics, cave art, tapestries, illumination, nature, and pottery. The front of the book contains a list of materials and a brief introduction to acquaint the teacher with the program. Book 1 for this level includes 17 fine art reproductions with art ranging from ancient times to the middle ages. These are great for teaching the history of art in a simple and engaging manner—the book even includes discussion questions for each picture to help the students and teachers look for detail and experience the art to a greater extent. This was great for us because although we have always loved to look at art, we have sometimes missed out on the deeper meaning and the details which can be so interesting. For example, when studying a reproduction of “I and the Village” by Mark Chagall, the book includes questions like “Do you think the artist had fond memories of the place where he lived?” and “Does the painting tell you what things were important to the artist?” Sometimes the questions ask the students to look for something in particular in the painting, and our children always enjoyed that challenge—it was like playing “I Spy,” only with great art reproductions. In addition to the fine art reproductions, Artistic Pursuits also includes samples of children’s art. I thought this was a great idea to boost the students’ confidence and encourage them to be willing to try new things—instead of seeing art done only by professionals, they see and appreciate art done by children their age and they think, “Hey! I could do that!” The lesson itself can be read from the book by the parents or independently by a third-grade or older student. The text is appealing and well organized. The text explains all the steps of used in creating art such as observing, imagining, communicating, remembering images, and using shape, line, color. The only teacher prep required is gathering materials for the art projects. These projects are presented in a step-by-step format with colorful images to help explain the techniques to visual learners. This program works great in multi-age classes—the lessons and directions are so clearly laid out that older students could even teach the lessons to their younger siblings. The only criticism I have about this book is that the paper is not very durable for a book that has to be handled over and over. In spite of that small complaint, we all love using Artistic Pursuits and will use it again. The price is reasonable, considering that this book is all you need to provide one year of art history, appreciation, and methods for your students. This is a great program for helping your children to become happy, confident young artists!
from North Carolina wrote the following on :
I came across this program a year ago while looking for a way to teach my children art. It is very easy to use as all needed materials are listed for you. I believe Rainbow also sells all of the needed items at a discount, which saves you a lot of money and you don't have to go searching in an art supply store. My children have thoroughly enjoyed this program. We have gone through the entire book, doing some of the projects multiple times. They enjoy looking at the art prints which are included and have learned about different artists and art techniques. I also liked that they used several different mediums, such as watercolor crayons, pastels, and clay giving the children confidence in producing their own artwork. This book is a tremendous value and it is one that you will want to hold on to. We are preparing to buy the 2nd book in this series for the upcoming year. We are all very excited!
from Mesa, AZ wrote the following on :
Our co-op is using this as their art instruction method, and my children just LOVE it! It is very integrated and the student learns about an artist, method and gets to do a project that the lesson highlighted. As a Charlotte Mason-er, I love the fact that they are being exposed to real-world artist and examples of fine art as well as getting to produce their own unique creations. Even those who don’t know how to teach art will enjoy and be able to succeed with this!
from Tennessee wrote the following on :
I ordered Artistic Pursuits and am very pleased with the idea of it. In a child friendly way, this curriculum introduces kids to famous artists. The book asks children to observe and answer questions about famous pieces of art. Art projects for the kids are creative and doable. These are real artistic endeavors, not just crafts. Artistic Pursuits is a 9 book series that can be used from elementary through high school, so I'm beginning it while my kids are young. I want to use the entire series over time! The only change I would make to this book: because of it's cost, it would be nice if it was presented in a hardcover book with glossy pages. Instead, it has sturdy pages and plastic comb binding. It's ok, but I like this book so well and wish it would come in more quality form to match its quality content.