Horizons Phonics & Reading 1 Complete Set

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Horizons Phonics & Reading 1 Complete Set | Main photo (Cover) Horizons Phonics & Reading 1 Complete Set | Main photo (Cover)

Customer Reviews

from Ohio wrote the following on :
The 2011-2012 school year was my first experience with homeschooling. I didn't know where to turn or what to choose. For Reading and Phonics I picked Horizons because of their high ratings. My daughter and I did their 1st grade curriculum and could not have been happier! Their worksheets are bright, interesting, and engaging. The variety from section to section always kept things exciting, even when reviewing. I did not use the Teachers guide as much as I thought I would, but that was simply because the work is so straight forward and easy to understand. There was very little prep involved in using this program. I would highly recommend this wonderful and easy to use curriculum!
from NC wrote the following on :
After looking (and looking) over several phonics programs, I purchased Horizons Phonics K and could not have been more pleased with my choice. The student workbooks have colorful pages and the teacher's manual features a smaller copy of the student workbook pages (with answers filled in) which helps you and your child to read together. Simple teaching instructions are included in each lesson so that everything is located in one place. There is very little preparation which is a big plus! I have used this with my daughter and son and have loaned it to a friend to use so it has been well worth the money. Their learning styles are very different but both excelled with this program. When tested in reading both have been 2 or more levels higher than their actual grade. The set includes a small, lined dry erase board and marker, teacher's manuals, student workbooks, student readers and a puzzle poster featuring each letter of the alphabet with a drawing of an animal or object that begins with that letter. These drawings are also found throughout the workbooks. I did not cut up the puzzle poster but placed it on the wall for them to use when needed. This was helpful when alphabetizing words and also to remind them of what sound the letters make. I also purchased Horizons Phonics 1 and enjoyed using it.
from Illinois wrote the following on :
I thought this was a great program. It provides a very step-by-step approach to learning to read. My daughter could only read a few sight words when we started, and now she is almost at a 2nd grade reading level. I thought some lessons were a bit long, so I did divide some lessons in half. You do need the teacher's manual. As stated in another review, some of the pictures are a bit confusing. There is no teacher prep. I have a 3 year old, and I will use this program with her. I thought it was money well spent.
from China Grove, NC wrote the following on :
I bought this curriculum for my daughter when she was six and had already gone through another K curriculum that was light. The main thing that I liked about the program was how easy it was to use on the part of the parent. Very little preparation is needed. It is very solid in teaching all aspects of phonics. That being said, however, it advances very quickly. I can't imagine having used it with her at five as a starting curriculum. It worked though for a first grade curriculum. In my opinion, a person could even do half of the curriculum for K and the second half for first because there is a lot to it. I was not able to finish it with her in the one year. The other issue I had with it was the readers. There is a story to go with each lesson but they are for the parent to read aloud to the child in order for the student to hear the phonics sounds applied in the story. Later, as the child advances in reading from practicing through the work text, they are supposed to start reading themselves at the first story when you feel they are ready. That worked for a few weeks for us but then the stories became too difficult for her to read so I had to find my own readers that I felt were at her level. She also tired of having to fill in so many workbook pages each day which were often between 5 and 7 per lesson. That is why we could not finish it in nine months because I would often have to split up one lesson into two days. I bought this because it was the program that RR uses for its Complete Package K curriculum. Please understand that this curriculum does move very quickly and you may have to fill in with other readers. So I would recommend it but with these cautions. We are now using All About Reading this year which I will review soon.