Exploring Creation w/ Astronomy

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Grades: K-6
Author: Jeannie Fulbright

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Exploring Creation w/ Astronomy | Main photo (Cover) Exploring Creation w/ Astronomy | Main photo (Cover) Exploring Creation w/ Astronomy | Additional photo (inside page) Exploring Creation w/ Astronomy | Additional photo (inside page) Exploring Creation w/ Astronomy | Additional photo (inside page) Exploring Creation w/ Astronomy | Additional photo (inside page) Exploring Creation w/ Astronomy | Additional photo (inside page) Exploring Creation w/ Astronomy | Additional photo (inside page)

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from Science wrote the following on :
This year was the first year I've used the elementary Apologia science curriculum by Jeannie K. Fulbright. I wish I had found this curriculum earlier. I believe my son would have enjoyed his science more in previous years. After completing the course, we have a wonderful astronomy notebook with his illustrations and notes on what he learned and actually enjoyed. This one book is the only book necessary for both student and teacher. There was no prepatory work necessary to get him started for the day. Some days he worked on his science entirely on his own with no help from mom! I only had to make sure he had everything necessary for the projects in each lesson. The front of the book she lists everything needed to complete the projects. The cost for the science book was minimal compared to other science curriculum. I used the Apologia Physical Science with my 8th grader and will continue with the Apologia this year. As with the elementary curriculum, the text is very easy to use. My older son learned more from this curriculum than earlier homeschool curriculum. We will use the Biology next year and look forward to science. The conversational approach to teaching has helped him to enjoy science.
from Deep in the Heart of Texas wrote the following on :
I am so glad I found this book! I bought it on an impulse at a book fair last year and we love it! We have made a lap book with a section on each chapter. My children always ask for me to read more than we need to for our lesson. We took a field trip to a local university that has an observatory. I was very pleased that my children had learned so much from this book and were able to ask detailed questions of the astronomers that were at the observatory. We are very pleased with this well written curriculum that supports our Christian Worldview. We are looking forward to the Zoology study as we finished this book in a semester instead of year!
from Ohio wrote the following on :
I didn't get much of a chance to use this book for "school" because my 12 year old picked it up and devoured it without my prompting! He walked around all the while he was reading it spewing out facts about the solar system that I didn't know myself. We enjoy all of Jeannie Fulbright\'s books.
from Iowa wrote the following on :
We LOVE this program! I have 4 kids, 9,7,5,3 and we do it all together in the evenings with Dad. They have learned so much (almost as much as Mom and Dad have learned! :) I think the activities have really made a difference. They understood orbit vs rotation because it had them get up and orbit each other while rotating. The notebooks are a treasure! It shows the progression of how much they have learned. If you look at the lesson on the sun, the youngest has the least info and it keeps working itself up. Plus, from what they said/wrote you can tell that they learned something. I also really appreciate how it all is based on God. She backs up what she says with "proof." Being able to teach our children science and know that it still all centers around God and how he made things is a true blessing. I would recommend this to anyone! We look forward to learning from these books for many years!!!
from Indiana wrote the following on :
We totally LOVE this astronomy study! I am amazed with the amount of information I have learned right alongside my children--I have been doing this with my kindergarten and second graders this year and they have learned so much! I love the notebooking ideas and project and assignment ideas. Also included are narration questions and the answers are in the back of the book. This has been totally easy to use and my children have learned much more than I ever imagined! I also like that the book is focused on God as Creator and how perfectly He has created our world. The chapters on the earth and the moon are just absolutely awesome! If there was ever any reason you doubted that God created the world, then these 2 chapters are a MUST READ!
from Oklahoma wrote the following on :
As not only a homeschooling mother, but as someone who was homeschooled herself, I must say I truly wish these books would have been around back when I was a child. Not only do my children (4-9 yrs old) ALL love this book, but I do as well. It is well written, simple enough even my 4 yr old enjoys reading, and is learning, yet solid and in-depth enough I am learning along with them. And best of all we are ALL enjoying it! The free notebooking pages are great, and the yahoo group (where you can ask questions and view messages from other users as well as the author herself) is a valuable resource for the entire series. My boys are already looking forward to the rest of the books, and I must admit so am I !!! I plan to use them all, at least once, and most likely will revisit them at a later date with at least my younger two. If you want a solid, and God honoring, basis for science on an elementary level this series is the best I have ever seen or heard about! ~Rachel (Homeschooling 3 boys, and loving learning with them!)
from MN wrote the following on :
I love this series. We used Astronomy last year. I did try to use it with my Kindergartner, but she only would listen on some of the lessons. Even so, she picked up alot more than most books because of the projects and notebooking activities. My 3rd Grader read alot of it herself and I helped her with the projects. Some of the projects, like the one at the end, was a bit much for our family (space, supplies, etc) but the other projects were do-able. We loved spending the entire year learning the planets. I would highly recommend this product! We have used others, like BJU, but came away disappointed with not being able to truly learn about subjects in depth. The price is affordable and the learning is lifelong. My kids still talk about this book a year later.
from Hingham wrote the following on :
We are loving the Astronomy book and plan on using the rest of the Apologia Elementary Science Books. The lapbooks & lesson plans are great tools with this book, I can't wait to start 3rd grade with Exploring Creation with Botany.
from United States wrote the following on :
Let me just say my daughter LOVES the astronomy book! If it was up to her we would probably be finished by now because she just wants to keep going. I love that it is presented from a biblical view, the notebooking and projects are easy to do and add to the whole learning experience. This is our first year HSing and we were blessed to find this book! Oh, by the way my son who is a junior in public school read it too!!
from North Carolina wrote the following on :
We're using the Well-Trained Mind classical curriculum, and while "Exploring Creation with Astronomy" was not one of the recommended texts for grammar stage astronomy, I'm glad we adopted this, as it gave a little more backbone to our astronomy rotation than what Well-Trained Mind's recommendations would have offered (we did use their recommendations as supplements, however). There are 14 lessons in this book and my 2nd grader had no problem learning the material. The lessons are well-structured with simple and enjoyable experiments in each lesson. Most of the experiments do not require specialty equipment, but mostly only household items (although you'll want to get a couple of good sized magnifying glasses for the homemade telescope experiment). Our whole family enjoyed this. I feel it was a wonderful introduction to astronomy. I'd love to see more grammar stage science books from Apologia, because this one was especially good.
from Missouri wrote the following on :
My girls just loved Astronomy. We used the lap book with it and it is amazing at how much they remember and understand. This is not "watered down science". We have moved on to Botany and it is great also! My girls finally really enjoy science.
from Rhinelander, WI wrote the following on :
We have swapped out all our science books for Apologia! This curriculum has been a huge timesaver for us! The kids can do this independently. I love how they explain experiments step-by-step as well instead of assuming a parent will be there to assist them. We are a super frugal family and this has been worth the investment in buying this particular curriculum. My kids also retain the majority of what they have learned and share it with us frequently. Apologia has definitely figured out how to master teaching science!
from River Falls, WI wrote the following on :
You can't go wrong with any of the Apologia Exploring Creation series. This one was one of our boy's favorite studies. With a Christian aspect in every chapter; it's fun to see how God created this earth. I, as a parent, have learned so much. I intend to save all these books as a reference/encyclopedia guide in our library. The photos are great, the questions help with great review and the activities are just the right amount of variety for all ages.
from KS wrote the following on :
My kids really enjoyed Exploring Creation with Astronomy. We didn't do many of the experiments, but the kids loved reading through the text with me. For those that are new to Apologia's elementary series, the books go in order of Creation: space and Earth, plants, flying creatures and insects, swimming creatures, land animals, and humans (anatomy). The Exploring Creation series is very Creation based and has incorporates many examples of evidence of a creator throughout the text. The books are written in conversation form. There are experiments listed in the books. The Notebooking Journals have additional experiment ideas listed and small lists of further related books and sometimes DVDs. Astronomy is a nice start for younger elementary students because there is less text than some of the other books in the series. It also gives a nice start on how God created the Heavens and the Earth before going on to learn about His other creation. We liked the Astronomy book so much that we have continued on with the series. So far we have done Botany and Zoology 1 too. When I have suggested not doing Apologia this year because we have started My Father's World (which includes science), the kids begged to still do Apologia and start the Zoology 2. If your kids enjoy learning about space, they will enjoy Apologia's Astronomy!
from Northwest wrote the following on :
Ok, I knew my kids would like this, but I didn't expect to like it so much myself! I find myself reading this book in my free time because it is so interesting! My husband also enjoys it and it often gets pulled out and discussed at the dinner table. All I can say is BUY IT! So worth every penny! I also bought the lab kit and I really recommend that as well-for me I end up looking at the things needed at the last minute and putting off driving to town to get them for a couple days so it is handy to have it all in one box ready when needed and requiring fewer trips to town for me :)
from California wrote the following on :
My older daughter does not love studying science, but she loves botany. As a sixth-grader, she used Apologia Elementary Botany independently, and it is one of the best homeschool courses we've encountered. She learned and retained so much, and her interest spilled over into creating botanical watercolor and photography as well. The Apologia course requires little prep beyond gathering materials for projects and experiments. Guided notebooking and art activities make it extremely easy to use. It's both scientifically sound and biblically solid. It is ideal for Charlotte Mason learners and those who want to take that extra step beyond simple nature study.
from Florida wrote the following on :
If you are looking for a thorough science curriculum to use with a variety of ages (K-8) with little prep time, this is the curriculum for YOU!!! Author Jeannie Fulbright is a homeschooling mom solving the same issues we face every day. Here she has made a thorough science curriculum that is fun and meaningful. My two daughters (K and 4th) loved building the light hut and growing plants and all of the various experiments we did. The thing we loved the most was that everything we grew we used for another experiment later on in the book. The cost is extremely low compared to other science curriculum and the supplies needed for each lesson are listed in detail. I've used her courses in a co-op setting and had fabulous reviews from the children and parents there as well. As a former middle school science teacher with a Masters in Curriculum I say this is a tremendous course for any elementary or middle school child.
from GA wrote the following on :
My 9 year old daughter LOVES the Apologia Elementary books, she loves the activities, the straight-forward (not dumbed down) and very detailed presentation of all the topics. She literally BEGS to do science now thanks to Apologia. All of these books are very well rounded Science texts, they include very thorough and up to date scientific information on each subject. They are suitable as a read aloud to younger children or as independent reading for children ages 6+ who are able to read very well on their own. There are many projects throughout each text for you to do with your child (teens may be able to do them independently). Instead of tests your child works on notebook pages and with frequent review (looking at their own work) the concepts really sink in far better than testing. Throughout the text your child will be introduced to the false evolutionary concepts and then given scientific facts which refute that theory and reinforce the fact that God is THE awesome Creator. I HIGHLY recommend all of the elementary Apologia books.
from Jerome, ID wrote the following on :
We used Exploring Creation with Zoology 1, this past year with our 9 and 11 year old girls. They loved it, and so did I. The experiments were easy to do and supplies were easy to find. We especially loved the notebook approach, both girls have created wonderful notebooks they can share with the family. There is tons of information and it is presented in a format that easy for the girls to understand and enjoy. We look forward to Astronomy this next year.
from New London, WI wrote the following on :
What a wonderful Christian resource! This was the first time we've used this "series"...wish we had done so a year or two earlier. Our 9 and 11 year olds went through it and I believe it has enough depth to span up to 8th grade, just require appropriate responses on the notebook pages.(Even at the 6th grade level our son gave more information than there was room for on the supplied pages.) I enjoyed it and the kids both have really wonderful botany notebooks and a story/book they each wrote that we will long cherish! Gratefully, Heidi
from Lexington, NE wrote the following on :
I did Zoology 1 with our 7 year old this last year and he really enjoyed it. He often can remember the facts we cover better than I do. If my husband is nearby when we are doing science he joins us as he finds these books so interesting. Yet the language and format are simple enough for young children to enjoy also. Even my 3 year old loves to sit down and leaf through the book just to see all the wonderful pictures. She asks many questions about the photos. I know she is learning too. I only had one child formally using Zoology 1, but my children ages 3 and 5 enjoyed being involved with the projects. I love the fact that the projects are simple and the supplies are inexpensive (often they are items we already have). This curriculum has really given my son a good foundation in science as well as a desire to continue to learn more. My sons will be 8 and 6 soon and I am looking forward to using Zoology 2 with both of them next year.
from Mississippi wrote the following on :
I have often joked over the last few years that I needed a very special science curriculum. Not only did I need one that was scientifically accurate and presented from a Christian perspective, but I also needed one that would be suitable for us to do as a family... AND... one that would either teach for me or motivate me enough to actually include science in our routine! I know, I know... my husband is a Biology/ General Science teacher! How could I not like science? Why do you think we got married? He helped me in the sciences, and I wrote his papers for him! :) Just kidding! (sort of!) I don't think I ever had a science teacher who spoke the ENGLISH language... they all spoke some unfamiliar tongue that I did NOT understand! Consequently, I have had a lack of motivation, interest, whatever... in the area of teaching science. This is not something I am proud of, especially since all four (3 youngest, esp.) of my children LOVE anything having to do with science. This year, we started using Jeannie Fulbright's Exploring Creation series. EUREKA! WE'VE GOT IT! All four of my qualifications have been met... I am actually doing science... and understanding it! :) The lessons are manageable, and there are corresponding notebook activities with each section. Students do narrations, nature study activities, and experiments (which are very simply laid out using household materials). Also, the book is very affordable (you only need one per family). I won't ramble forever, but I do want to give an example. I have never understood the concept of photosynthesis... I knew it involved some series of letters and numbers... Csomething + H2O, etc... However, thanks to Ms. Fulbright, the kids and I can have a discussion about the way a plant makes food! I asked the girls to write a paragraph explaining photosynthesis in their own words. Here is what they wrote: Sarah- "Photosynthesis is a process where the plant makes food. It pulls in CO2 and water and makes sugar and lets air out." Hannah- "Photosynthesis is a process in which the plants' leaves make food for the plant. The plant takes light, water, and CO2 to make sugar to feed the plant. when it does this, it also makes oxygen for us to breathe."
from Quad Cities, IL wrote the following on :
The Apologia Elementary Science books have been just what I have always wanted. We participated in a Co-op this past year where they used Zoology 2 for the 1st - 6th graders. All of my children learned things I had never known. We were so excited about it that we are doing another volume with a smaller group over the summer. The children don't mind doing summer work when it is this interesting and fun!
from Levan, UT wrote the following on :
Our whole family loves the Apologia Science books! They are so easy to use, very little teacher prep, the text is written like the author is right there speaking to us. The lessons are packed with fun information, colorful pictures and drawings to illustrate the concepts. Lab/experiment supplies are conveniently listed for each Lesson, which makes assessing the "need to gets" and "already haves" quick and easy. The elementary level books do not have unit tests, so for my kids that like to test, we review the narrative questions(answers are in the back of the book)and play games with the vocabulary words from the unit. The activities are fun and engaging for all ages, my children have beautiful journals, and scrapbooks from every book we have completed to show off to grandparents when they visit. Skeptical grandparents (one is retired from public education) have been very impressed with the hands on learning and the in depth understanding my children have gained from these books. We love Apologia Science!
from Michigan wrote the following on :
Zoology 3 (Land Animals) is my 9 year daughters favorite book. It does involve quite of bit of reading, so it may not be ideal for children who have difficulty reading. I find the text is easy to read. There are not any study questions, so I write my own. That way I know she is truly comprehending what she reads. We plan on sticking with Apologia's Science books as the information is solid, and I feel they will be well prepared for higher education.
from Middle TN wrote the following on :
I am so NOT a science person. Through my years of homeschool my family has started countless science books only to have them fizzle out after a few weeks. Lots of times this is due to the fact that those other books are designed for class room use. The lessons are cumbersome and many times require materials that I have no clue how to find. Apologia is not like this at all. This is one science curriculum that is specifically designed for homeschoolers. The text is written directly to the reader, including many interesting descriptions and clear presentations of the subject matter. My third grader this year is using the Zoology 1 book, about flying creatures. Since the text is written on a fourth or fifth grade reading level, I do have to read the text to her, but she has no trouble following me and understanding what I am reading to her. She really is enjoying this book. So far we have learned so much about birds, but later we will be learning about bats, flying reptiles, and insects. Each chapter includes hands on activities to help your child really understand what has been presented in the text. One thing that I really appreciate about Apologia is that the activities don't use hard to find objects. Most of the time the items needed can be found lying around the house, or purchased inexpensively at the store. There are 16 chapters in our book. One could finish a chapter a week and do two books per year, but I estimate that one would have to do 45-60 minutes of science per day to read all the text, do the notebooking projects, and any experiments. I will probably cover the book over the course of one year. While the books seem a bit costlier than some others, I think the value for the price is terrific. The text books are hardbound, designed to hold up through several children. The corresponding notebook adds puzzles and journaling activities to the text. While I am sure that one could come up with these activities on one's own, I need something all set up for me or I will never get around to printing out the pages I need, so I definitely think the notebook is worth the money. Also experiment log pages are included in the notebook and some full color paper projects are in the back of the book. I definitely think we will be returning to Apologia for our science needs in the future.
from Florida wrote the following on :
Zoology 3 is simply a treasure among science texts for children. I am a Charlotte Mason homeschooler and don't usually use science texts for the elementary years. We have always read real books from the library on whatever topic we were studying. While this method has worked great for us in so many ways, none of the available books were from a Christian perspective. Still, we found this the best available way to study science for the present. Another problem was that my daughter is so used to good literature that science textbooks just didn't hold her interest. After a field trip to the zoo one day, she decided she wants to be a zoologist when she grows up. I wanted to take full advantage of her excitement in that area while it still lasted so I let her pick a Zoology book out and we ordered it. I have been so pleasantly surprised with this wonderful resource from Apologia! The text is incredibly interesting and I am learning things I never picked up from the library books or in my own education! This book is truly a "living book" in my opinion. It is suitable for all ages as my 9 yr. old, my 15 yr. old, and I are all learning from it. My 15 yr. old is doing Apologia Biology and a lot of the chapters in Zoology cover similar things in a way that is much easier to understand but, of course, is not as in-depth. I have him read any corresponding chapters from the Zoology text first so that he has a basic grasp of the subject before delving deeper with his highschool text. We use this book like any "living book" in that I read it aloud to my 9 yr. old and she narrates. We have all learned so much from this lovely, living science book and consider it a great addition to our home library.
from Gledale AZ wrote the following on :
My older daughter has completed many science books with Exploring Creation series starting with physical science and finishing with Chemistry this year. The Biology series is phenomenal! I liked it so much, I started my youngest on this series and will continue till she finishes high school as well! This is a fantastic book for tactile learners with hands on experience and puts information in a manner the student feels is interesting.
from South Carolina wrote the following on :
This was our first experience with Apologia Science and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. My children are in 5th grade and K and they both have learned so much this year. Easy to read and follow, enjoyable, engaging reading, never boring, always educational. My 6yo has learned as much as my 10 yo. I read to them and then we discuss. 5th grader does his notebook work on his own. My little guy dictates to me and draws in his notebook. Awesome science curriculum