Lollipop Logic

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Item #: 000419
ISBN: 9781593630928
Grades: K-2
Author: Bonnie Risby

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Publisher:Prufrock Press
Pub. Date: January 2005
Binding: Trade Cloth
Pages: 64
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 x 11 in.
Language: English
Audience: Elementary/High School
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Lollipop Logic | Main photo (Cover) Lollipop Logic | Main photo (Cover) Lollipop Logic | Additional photo (inside page) Lollipop Logic | Additional photo (inside page) Lollipop Logic | Additional photo (inside page) Lollipop Logic | Additional photo (inside page)

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Customer Reviews

from Petaluma, CA wrote the following on :
Our almost-three-year-old loves this book! We received it today and I was going to shelf it away for a while, but our daughter picked it up and we worked through half the book together, with her understanding at least half of what we looked at. The concepts that she didn't understand, we had a fun time discussing. She was hooked; I had to ask her to save some puzzles for later.
from Kent, WA wrote the following on :
My 5-year-old loves this! I thought the first book was a bit too easy for her, and while she is successful with this one, it still seems to challenge her. She is reading well, so she has no trouble picking this up on her own and starting work. It requires very little help from me (most of our choices are pretty teacher intensive), and yet it practices good logic skills. It is great for times when my younger child needs some attention. She has worked through it very quickly though - doing 4 or 5 pages at a time.