Math Mammoth Light Blue Series Grade 7 Set

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Item #: MMSET7
Grade: 7

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Publisher: Taina Maria Miller

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Light Blue Series Grade 7 Workbook
We like the workbook very much, and our daughter is thriving with this when compared to earlier attempts to finish pre-algebra. She can finish this summer if she does it every day, so we hope she can start high school fresh. The low cost of the workbook helped us order it and not worry about the printing. Thank You Jesus. Jesus is Risen.
May 17, 2019
3 months ago
Good, but hard
I like the workbook format of these books. I like it that the lesson explanation is right there on the page with the problems to be worked. If my child was a more intuitive learner I might be more satisfied with these books, but as it is there are times when the book seems to expect too much leap from one facet of a concept to the next without enough explanation. I do not feel like there is enough practice with each concept to build the next set of problems on. This is a tricky balance I know, because I wouldn't want there to be a burdensome amount of practice either. Also, I have found a number of typographical errors in the answer key and it is hard to find the right set of answers because of the way the page numbers are aligned. I am able to use these books, because of my own math background, but I feel like a less mathematically inclined parent/teacher might have a hard time using these books
September 27, 2018
10 months ago
Love Math Mammoth! It is incredibly thorough and relatively self-taught. Math 7 is pre-algebra. Wish she would have made curriculum for the higher maths!
September 8, 2018
over 2 years ago
Great resource
As a second-year home educator I enjoy the self-taught format of this series. It allows me to come alongside the boys w/out being an expert. Two shortcomings in the material: the answer key has occasional errors not caught in editing & some concepts (such as geometry) reference material not thoroughly covered in previous chapters. Easy to supplement/compensate for these issues.
February 23, 2018
1 year ago
Response from Rainbow Resource Center
The publisher regularly provides information regarding any corrections for curriculum Errata on their web site: .
February 23, 2018
Ruth T Staff
Love the format, organization, and instructions
I really like the Math Mammoth curriculum. It is written so that the student can read it on her own or in my case we read it together. The practice worksheets are perfect in size and really help in stepping them through the process. I love the additional resources in regards to additional online games you can use to supplement the lesson to help solidify the concept. So far the bonus program in regards to making worksheets, etc. hasn't really worked out well. It is confusing and doesn't contain the variables we have needed so far. Putting that aside, I love this program over the Singapore math I had tried.
October 26, 2016
over 2 years ago
Great program
The program is detailed and clear. I love the step by step approach and LOVE the word problems!
October 9, 2016
over 2 years ago
I have used MM in the past but did so by download/electronically. We really needed books so these came and I'm happy with them. I think they will hold up for my daughter to complete. The one suggestion I would make would be to align the answer paged with the work page. I have to search for the answers at times.
August 19, 2016
over 2 years ago
Very hard
It's for the advanced math student and also goes way too fast through every concept and starts another without consistent review of prior math concepts.
July 15, 2016
over 3 years ago
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We used the grade 6 set this past year and it really was the best choice for us. Can't wait to see Grade 7.
Teghan N on Jul 7, 2019
Jennifer B on Jun 9, 2019
We used the grade 6 set this past year and it really was the best choice for us. Can't wait to see Grade 7.
Teghan N on Jul 7, 2019
Our daughter's tutor says it will greatly help her sharpen her critical thinking skills, which is so important.
Jennifer N on Jun 25, 2019
Jennifer B on Jun 9, 2019
The previous level worked well for remedial math, for my daughter who struggles with math. Goes at a good, understandable pace.
User on May 27, 2019
As an educator I feel like so many children fall behind when they are not provided a curriculum where it focuses on mastery
Drew S on May 1, 2019
We have used this curriculum with our son since third grade and have been very happy with it. I wish it went to higher math levels, as this will be our last year in seventh grade. Very comprehensive. Maria Miller really covers each topic thoroughly and from multiple viewpoints where possible, so the student truly understands each concept. There are lots of real life examples of how each math concept could be used. Thank you for a great product!
Timothy L on Mar 21, 2019
Per conversation with one of your consultants.
Jannie W on Mar 18, 2019
It was recommended by the Math without Borders website
Kimberly A on Feb 11, 2019
We've been using Math Mammoth for several years. We prefer it over Saxon or Singapore Math. It contains clear concise instructions for each concept with worksheets that correspond to each lesson. The concepts build on each other in a clear and logical manner.
Darcy O on Jan 24, 2019
My child has excelled with this program
GAnn S on Oct 15, 2018
Math Mammoth was recommended to me from a fellow homeschool mom.
Cassandra L on Sep 18, 2018
Using it last year was a success!
Tina P on Aug 25, 2018
Excellent math curriculum
Abby F on Aug 23, 2018
We have used this curricula since grade K. Now 7th. It is perfectly laid out and logical in its progression. Just the right amount of work and logically progressive/additive.
Mendy M on Aug 1, 2018
Great reviews
Dawn O on Jul 31, 2018
An affordable homeschool option for math, love it.
Leslie M on May 20, 2018
My son needs extra help
Heather B on Apr 8, 2018
Good value, clear instruction for student's self study. Easy to use.
bonnie y on Mar 30, 2018
We've used Math Mammoth for Grades 5 and 6 and my son has enjoyed it thoroughly! He's good at math, and this curriculum has had the perfect blend of challenge and repetition to suit his needs.
Kristine R on Dec 2, 2017
Math Mammoth is highly recommended by several people in a few facebook groups I'm in.
Sophia B on Sep 20, 2017
I selected the items because of the great reviews and it aligns to the Common Core standards. Also, my son needs math supplements to help him with ratio, percentages, fractions and decimals.
sherri e on Sep 20, 2017
Needed a conceptual pre-algebra curriculum and have heard positive things about Math Mammoth
Alyssa G on Sep 6, 2017
We have used the Math Mammoth series for 4 years, and we love it
Tekeesha F on Aug 16, 2017
Based upon online reviews
Julie R on Aug 14, 2017
had great experience with this, last year
Jessica O on Jul 26, 2017
He does really well with this curriculum. These books do a great job explaining why and gives you more then one way to solve the problem and you pick the way you like.
User on Jun 29, 2017
Comprehensive math program that is self-directed (vs. teacher-directed). All in one workbook (vs. textbook and workbook).
Erin B on Jun 4, 2017
Love, love, love Math Mammoth! It is extremely comprehensive with no separate teacher manual. It is virtually self-taught. I wish there were higher levels!!
Carrie H on Jun 1, 2017
Recommended by a friend
Christine N on May 23, 2017
recommended by the teacher
CRYSTAL C on May 22, 2017
This product has good reviews in the homeschool community.
Helen H on Apr 26, 2017
I was looking for a pre-algebra option for my daughter, this set ended up being far too much like a textbook for us. She needed a bit more explanation than just a dry text.
Angela K on Apr 17, 2017
conceptual pre-algebra program
Marcia P on Apr 4, 2017
These book are great for homeschool. The price is excellent. We love the complete curriculum.
Francisco G on Sep 14, 2016
My daughter is not a "math person", but she understands Math Mammoth!
Lana R on Aug 31, 2016
recommended by a math tutor
Molly N on Aug 29, 2016
Great price on easy to use curriculum that is aligned with national standards
Douglas M on Aug 25, 2016
Easier to use that Singapore
Heather B on Aug 15, 2016
online reviews
Randy S on Aug 3, 2016
This will be our third year using Math Mammoth. It's worked very well for us.
Melanie G on Jul 28, 2016
for homeschool
Annabelle V on Jul 28, 2016
Best math curriculum I've been able to find. My kids have done very well with the Math Mammoth Light Blue Series. I only wish it went beyond elementary school subjects.
Fritz M on Jul 28, 2016
We have used MM in the past online. We are looking forward to having a "hard Copy" of this math. It had a good review for preparing students for Algebra so we will use this alongside Life of Fred Pre-Algebra's material.
Lorena W on Jul 19, 2016
I want to come at Pre-Algebra from another view to help my daughter. She's been having some difficulties with math; it will help me be a better teacher, as well, to cover these topics from another publisher. We're using Saxon and TT.
Kelly W on Jul 17, 2016
Looking for a comprehensive pre-algebra curriculum. I have been very impressed with the Math Mammoth curriculum so far.
JACQUI C on Jun 30, 2016
Absolutely love this curriculum. My oldest has done MM all the way through. So glad there is a Grade 7. Great explanations, excellent concept building and practice to mastery as well as applied problems throughout.
Laura P on Jun 25, 2016
Great material for homeschoolers! Thanks!
Pierre J on Jan 7, 2016
I've used Mammoth Math with both my children for 6+ years. Concepts are explained clearly and the curriculum introduces topics and then later re-visits them, building on concepts.
Tracy H on Jan 5, 2016
Been using for several years and love this series. Explains concepts very well!
Alicia B on Dec 9, 2015
Our daughter's tutor says it will greatly help her sharpen her critical thinking skills, which is so important.
Jennifer N on Jun 25, 2019
The previous level worked well for remedial math, for my daughter who struggles with math. Goes at a good, understandable pace.
User on May 27, 2019
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