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Grades: 5-8

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Publisher: Well-Trained Mind Press

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This follows the First Language Lessons series for 5th grade-8th. Program looks the same, but goes more in depth of grammar rules.
June 26, 2019
2 months ago
Amazing Resource
I've used several different grammar curriculums including Shurley and Classical Conversations Essentials program before finding this one. It is incredibly thorough and does an excellent job of explaining concepts with lots of practice in the workbooks. I love that there will be upcoming workbooks that allow the teacher to use the same text, while giving the student extra practice with different examples. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a great grammar program.
February 10, 2019
1 year ago
Perfect to Follow First Language Lessons
We have been a fan of The Well-Trained Mind curriculum for many years and have waited for this to be finished. This is a great follow-up to First Language Lessons.
July 26, 2018
1 year ago
grammar for the will trained mind
We used the 3rd grade language set. Loved it. We used something else last year and it was ok. I feel that The Well Trained Mind programs are better. My son learned so much more from The Well Trained Mind Program.
July 12, 2018
1 year ago
Well-Trained Grammar is complete
I am using Well-Trained Grammar with my fifth grader. It is easy to use, and very complete. We began mid-year and will likely not get halfway through before the year is done. That being said, I am so happy with it. We will be using it for the next several years, and I am confident it will carry her through high school and beyond.
March 30, 2018
1 year ago
Wonderful resource
Perfect next step after the elementary curriculum. I love that it is scripted, and particularly that I don't have to buy a brand new curriculum every year for the next four years!
February 6, 2018
1 year ago
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I loved using First Language Lessons with my children, and am excited that there is now an intermediate option for grammar by Susan Wise Bauer!
Nicole R on Jul 20, 2019
Recommended by a friend
Laura M on Jun 10, 2019
I loved using First Language Lessons with my children, and am excited that there is now an intermediate option for grammar by Susan Wise Bauer!
Nicole R on Jul 20, 2019
We just finished the First Language Lessons Series and were very happy with it. This seemed like a good continuation of the program.
Dustin S on Jul 7, 2019
Recommended by a friend
Laura M on Jun 10, 2019
I love the Well Trained Mind materials and am confident that this English Grammar program will be a good fit for our family.
J E on Jun 2, 2019
I have used First Language Lessons for a while and now we are ready for the next level!
Joan O on May 6, 2019
I am the librarian for our homeschooling group and one of my parents requested it.
Ruth P on Jan 25, 2019
I liked the previous three level Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind.
Nichole W on Jan 25, 2019
Our first four years used First Language Lessons. I am going to give this new series a try now that we are transitioning into the logic phase of our classical education. I love the scripted approach that the grammar series had - I hope this makes it as easy and effective.
Donald C on Sep 22, 2018
We used the First Language Lessons program with great success and I was excited to see a high school program. I love the scripted lessons, it makes teaching grammar so much easier for me.
Michele D on Sep 15, 2018
amazing price for this!!
Sara T on Sep 11, 2018
We have completed First Language Lessons (very satisfied) and this is a natural progression for grammar instruction.
User on Sep 9, 2018
I have used Well-Trained Mind grammar for elementary levels and am excited to see that they have the next level! As repetitious as the material may seem, my children still remember the material 2-3 years later. This method has worked very well for us!
Shauna P on Aug 23, 2018
it is needed for English this year
Lorry H on Aug 21, 2018
It was recommended by my sister.
Marianne K on Aug 20, 2018
We loved First Language Lessons and wanted continue the same program.
Amber B on Aug 20, 2018
We are using this in our co-op, but I used First Language Lessons from the beginning and was disheartened when it stopped at Level 4. Because they stopped at Level 4, we had to use other materials the last several years, but I was ecstatic to learn this series is now offered as the next level. I'm happily choosing to use it for our last year of middle school because I always loved their method of instruction and my son did very well using it.
Tracy N on Aug 15, 2018
Everything I have used from The Well-Trained Mind has been gold. Looking forward to using this grammar curriculum.
Kristi R on Aug 11, 2018
I was deciding between this and Voyages in English. The price was one deciding factor, but so was the assuredness from the reviews that this would be a good program for the next 4 years. We'll see!
Olivia B on Aug 11, 2018
Lisa J on Aug 9, 2018
I have used Well Trained Mind Grammar for grades 1-4 and I really liked it.
Elizabeth P on Aug 8, 2018
My children and I have liked using First Language Lessons. My oldest has finished all 4 levels. We felt that it makes sense to continue on with the same company. The few reviews I've seen have all been positive. We hope we also have a positive experience with this new curriculum.
Rosalee D on Aug 7, 2018
Because I have used peace hill press materials before
Christina J on Aug 7, 2018
My kids feel confident using this curriculum.
Amy C on Aug 7, 2018
The WTM sale ended and I missed it. Well turns out that RR has it for a great price too!
Beth Y on Aug 7, 2018
Looking for a new curriculum and your online chat helper (Janice) helped me to decide. We will give it a try and see how it works. Hake grammar was too much review and he did it for 2 years. Looking for something that was more interactive and still as thorough.
Wendie H on Aug 3, 2018
I have used First Language Lessons and believe in the process and have seen great outcomes when applying Susan Wise Bauer's approach.
Kendra T on Aug 2, 2018
Used the elementary curriculum with success. Looking forward to continuing. I like using the same words and examples to get the grammar rules memorized.
Darcie D on Aug 1, 2018
I'm so excited to continue grammar with The Well Trained Mind! This curriculum is straight forward for the teacher and great review for the student. If you want a basic grammar curriculum, this is it.
N W on Jul 27, 2018
Have used all the Well Trained Mind Elementary books and this is the next level for our homeschool journey!
kristin a on Jul 24, 2018
We really enjoy working through Susan Wise Bauer collection of books and resources. It is well thought out and easy to use.
Rhonda J on Jul 23, 2018
I enjoyed the younger levels of this program with my kids. And we have several years ahead of us, so I hope it works well to do several levels at once (grades 5+).
amy p on Jul 19, 2018
Comprehensive course, classical curriculum, academically challenging
KELLY A on Jul 17, 2018
We use Story of the World by same author and love it so thought we would try this.
Mary W on Jul 3, 2018
Have used SWB's First Language Lessons. Our middle-schooler then tried R&S and found it a bit dry. A friend has been using GFTWTM and is pleased with it.
Shannon H on Jun 25, 2018
recommendation from a friend who studies curriculum choices carefully
Sydney C on Jun 20, 2018
I love the well trained mind writing series and I've had a very difficult time finding a complete grammar curriculum.
Anna D on May 12, 2018
Love Well Trained Mind products!!!
User on May 3, 2018
Already love First Language Lessons and would like to continue its teaching philosophy into higher grades
Tracey B on Mar 1, 2018
I chose this package because I have used First Language Lessons from first through fourth grades. I bought a different grammar curriculum for fifth grade without knowing Susan had written this follow-up curriculum. My daughter strongly dislikes the one she is working through now and is excited to get back into this series.
Nicole D on Feb 24, 2018
This is a fine sequel to the First Language Lessons series. Saxon Grammar is also similar, but we liked FLL best and are grateful for an intermediate program that continues where FLL left off.
Christine F on Feb 17, 2018
Liked her elementary grammar that we used.
Deborah R on Jan 22, 2018
i really love susan bauers programs and have almost all of them, (writing, story & history of the world)
Erica A on Jan 12, 2018
I have used the elementary grammar curriculum from this company and have loved it, so we are continuing with the new intermediate curriculum.
Ashley L on Jan 6, 2018
Loved First Language Lessons.
Lauren C on Dec 20, 2017
Love the well-trained mind. Have used it for years. It works well for us.
Ann on Dec 1, 2017
We are currently using this, and sometimes it can be slow and repetitive, but it seems to be creating a solid foundation.
Amy S on Nov 18, 2017
I have enjoyed First Language Lessons 1-4 and wanted to keep it going.
Earl M on Nov 14, 2017
6th grade school
Maria S on Oct 30, 2017
We just finished the First Language Lessons Series and were very happy with it. This seemed like a good continuation of the program.
Dustin S on Jul 7, 2019
I love the Well Trained Mind materials and am confident that this English Grammar program will be a good fit for our family.
J E on Jun 2, 2019
My daughter completed FLL Level 3 and part of 4 years ago. I do not think she remembers everything. Would this still be appropriate?
A shopper on Jun 25, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I have been so happy with this curriculum. My son finished a curriculum through Memoria Press and needed review. This was perfect. We could work at a pace that worked for us going as quickly or as slowly as we wanted depending on what I felt needed the most review. The hardback book of grammar rules can be used through high school too. :) Very helpful and well thought out resource.
Is the Handbook of Rules hardback or soft cover?
A shopper on Mar 30, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The Handbook of Rules is hardback, the three other books in this set are soft cover. Hope this helps
My son will have completed First Language Lessons this year. Should he start with Level 1 of this book?
User on Jan 2, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes, this series can be started after completing First Language Lessons, Level 4. I am using it with my daughter in 5th grade this year, and it is the perfect follow-up to FLL. Challenging material for the student but scripted for the parent in same style as FLL, so no prep required.
Is this a good program for a child who's been taught grammar since the second grade? My son is entering the 7th grade and wasn't sure if this program would be too easy for him or not.
Is this program designed for children who don't have any grammar background?
A shopper on Nov 9, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I recommend this program no matter how many years the child has in elementary grammar experience, unless he's done the last three years with a Classical Conversations Essentials program. You can try out the first six weeks of the program for free. It's available at the WTM website.
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