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Package does not include several recommended books which are currently out of print. Out of print titles include: Red Carpet by Rex Parkin, Jenny's Surprise Summer by Eugenie Fernandes and The Little Rabbit by Judy Dunn.

This package includes the following items:

Category Description for Before Five in a Row (1st Ed.):

Not to leave out the eager younger children, this volume provides mini Five in a Row- style lessons for youngsters. This book; however, is divided into two parts, the first being similar to the other curriculum guides. Just as in the original series, each unit is built around a simple, classic children's storybook. This book differs from the older volumes in that it is not structured around a week. The purpose is simply to provide an array of activities for each book that engage children and lay the foundation for further learning. Some of the activities are subject related, such as Bible, science, math, language arts, and art; others are various skills such as learning shapes, sequencing, colors or problem solving, and the rest are centered on specific topics, like relationships, contentment, birthdays or another book-related idea. The second part of this book focuses on arming parents with creative ideas to build learning readiness. This section is a treasure trove of activities that help develop reading readiness and motor skills or focus on the arts. Additional activities also capitalize on teachable moments that arise during bath time, in the kitchen, or during a trip to the store. 149 pgs. ~ Steph

Category Description for Five in a Row Literature Unit Studies:

This series provides a wonderful way to nurture your relationship with your children and foster a lifelong adventure of learning. The Five in a Row title comes from reading the same classic children’s book five days in a row as a literature-based unit study to cover social studies, character, language arts, math, science and art. Use as a stand-alone program for preschool, or supplement with phonics and math and use it with older children. Literature selections contain positive moral stories that reflect Biblical values. Choose from many possible activities for each day.

The original Five in a Row series was written three decades ago for the previous generation of homeschoolers. Now, the author’s children have undertaken the task of modernizing the series and updating the literature lists. All books in the series will eventually be revised; however, at this writing, Beyond Five in a Row series are still in the previous edition.

Before Five in a Row has much the same content as the original book, but with three additional stories included. There are also updated illustrations, Animal Classification Cards that help children develop simple classification skills, and StoryDisks and a Storybook Map (an enjoyable way to teach where the story takes place). This book is a collection of discussion and play-based lessons to do for 10-15 minutes 2 or 3 days a week. It doesn’t follow the typical 5 day a week schedule. The first of two parts list the 24 stories, along with creative activity suggestions such as examining the stars or using colored tissue paper to make a simple collage. The second part is filled with ideas to build a foundation of readiness – talking and listening skills, coordination skills, activities in the kitchen and other primary skills.

More Before Five in a Row is the new addition to the series and includes 14 new books. It has been specifically written as a preschool curriculum (ages 3-5) and follows the typical format of the Five in a Row books. New to this book, however, is an encouraging Bible lesson before each story written specifically for the parent. Many lessons are built around six early literacy skills: vocabulary, narrative, print awareness, phonological awareness, letter knowledge, and print motivation. The gentle activities are not meant to teach in-depth concepts, but to enhance your child’s awareness of the world around them. Centered around play and discussion, the program provides a wide variety of activities involving science, social studies, Bible, language arts, health and much more. An Animal Classification game, StoryDisks and a Storybook Map are included in the back. The activities are a bit more detailed than in Before FIAR.

Completely redesigned and updated, the second edition of the Five in a Row Volumes 1-4 still have the same goal of providing elementary students with a quality educational foundation through well written and illustrated books. All you will need to complete the curriculum for 5-and-6-year-olds is a good phonics program and a simple introduction to math. For children who are reading successfully, you will want to supplement with math, spelling, penmanship, and grammar material if you desire to teach those as individual subjects. Volume 4 is designed for older elementary (9 years and up). The activities related to the different subjects in this volume are more involved; therefore, plan on spending 2 weeks on Volume 4 books instead of one. For ages 9 and 10, it is recommended adding math, spelling, and grammar. This volume prepares students for Level 5 as students transition to reading chapter books.

The new editions include special teaching tips from the author (including step-by-step guidance for each day of the week), along with an explanation of the philosophy behind the program. There is also a “Teacher’s Note” page and activity sheets following each book lesson. The “Teacher’s Note” page is handy to record relevant information such as activities done, library resources or videos used, and any field trip opportunities taken. The three or four activity sheets for each book title correlate with some of the activities and really add to the program. These sheets are reproducible for family use only. The books in each program remain the same with a couple of exceptions. They Were Strong and Good was taken out of Volume 2 and The Old Woman Who Named Things was added to Volume 3. Literature packages contain all available books for each volume. Note: literature packages do not contain the FIAR guides. Check out our website for the most current literature package updates! Christian Character and Bible content also available separately. ~ Gina

Category Description for UNIT STUDIES:

What is a "unit study"? Briefly, it's a thematic or topical approach to teaching as opposed to the traditional by-subject approach. Rather than teach each subject separately, a unit study attempts to integrate many or all subject areas into a unified study - usually centered around a particular subject or event. Obviously History (the study of events) and Science (the study of "things") are well-suited to unit studies, and usually form the "core" around which other subjects are integrated. Subjects like Bible, Geography, Government, English (writing), and Reading/Literature, Music, Home Economics, Life Skills, and Art, are usually easy to integrate around a core topics. Remaining subjects (Math, Phonics, Grammar, Spelling) can be integrated to some extent via related activities. Each, however, has its own "system" (progression of skills, mastery of "rules") which must be followed to some degree. Since one of the additional advantages of a unit study curriculum is the ability to use it with students of varying ages and skill levels, these subjects are generally taught apart from the core curriculum. This may be as simple as assigning pages in a grammar or spelling book, or using a separate "program" for Phonics and Math. Unit studies also tend to be more activity-oriented than the traditional approach, a real boon to kinesthetic learners. Advocates of the unit study approach site studies showing that children learn best when learning is unified rather than fragmented and when learning is more participatory than passive.

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For use with my grandchildren. I used them with my own children.
Lori L on Sep 12, 2022
because it matched all the books on my childs required reading list
Leah P on Jun 16, 2022
For use with my grandchildren. I used them with my own children.
Lori L on Sep 12, 2022
Because we LOVE FIAR and the books they use!
Donna L on Aug 1, 2022
because it matched all the books on my childs required reading list
Leah P on Jun 16, 2022
Lacy C on Oct 21, 2021
For Grandson
Christina B on Sep 7, 2021
We used the Five in a Row series with our older children and loved it, so we are re-purchasing it for our younger ones.
Thomas G on Dec 17, 2020
Cathy Duffy recommended Five in a Row curriculum. I babysit a toddler on a regular basis. I need a routine with activities.
MYRNA F on Nov 3, 2020
There is nothing better than cultivating the love for books and reading at a young age. This curriculum and literature enable that and broaden the educational horizons for young children. We utilize this in our Kindergarten classes. What a blessing!
Chris T on Sep 3, 2020
A friend recommended Before Five in a Row. I am taking care of grandchildren and will use these materials with the 3 year old to prepare her for preschool.
Connie B on Aug 21, 2020
I am buying the Before 5 in a row preschool curriculum mentioned in Teach Them Diligently. It referred me here to buy the book kit.
janeliz m on Jun 28, 2020
Recommended by Providence Preparatory PreK program.
Nancy H on Jun 16, 2020
Recommended to me by a homeschooling mom
Tanja D on Apr 30, 2020
My 5 year old loves picture books. Besides the lessons, this package will build her library with beautiful, classics books.
Nadine T on Apr 23, 2020
It's relative in price if you were to buy all the books used. It's a good deal.
Danielle W on Apr 4, 2020
I believe the idea that using reading together with children to help them develop the love of learning and strengthen relationship makes a lot of sense.
Tracquan N on Apr 2, 2020
I tried a before 5 in a row sample with my 4 yo daughter and it was so well written. She and I both enjoyed the ways they incorporated different types of learning in the story that I had not previously thought of myself. The scripture addition and literature basis are lovely as well!
Brittany H on Feb 19, 2020
It's easier to find the books at Rainbow Resources than other places as these are older books. Also, the package is a better deal than getting them separately. It seems to be a very good list of books based on the two I've read already.
Annie K on Sep 25, 2019
3 year old twins
April A on Sep 13, 2019
I loved the 5 in a Row books so I wanted to get the Before 5 in a Row as well so my younger kids will grow up with an awesome reading selection!
Janae P on Sep 2, 2019
used it with my children. Helping my daughter to have things to do with her 4 year old.
Dianne M on Jul 23, 2019
I think its a wonderful collection of books to have around the house. We purchased it for our daughters 4th birthday. It will be classics to read to any child who may walk in our doors. Thank you.
Babitha P on Jan 14, 2019
Beginning to homeschool my children.
Angela W on Oct 26, 2018
I used this curriculum with my own children and am purchasing this for my daughter to use with my grandsons
AMY M on Oct 8, 2018
Many of these books are checked out or not in our library. I liked how easy it was to purchase them all at once without having to search for them.
Jessie G on Aug 23, 2018
for my adventurous 3yr old
Carissa D on Aug 22, 2018
referred by friends
Ginny J on Aug 20, 2018
Helping my daughter homeschool..
Sonal V on Aug 15, 2018
Preschool Literature.
Jessica E on Aug 10, 2018
Excellent books for a wonderful start to your toddler's library! Books you can enjoy over and over
Darcy D on Jul 18, 2018
I have had several friends recommend this program and I felt like this literature package was the easiest way to obtain the books we need.
April R on Jul 6, 2018
Because i wanted the books that went with my Five in a row pre - k package
Lauren T on Jun 21, 2018
Ordering the literature package is going to save my busy daughter of two little ones a lot of time.
Gina B on Jun 6, 2018
Recommended by an Australian homeschool blogger
Michelle C on Apr 21, 2018
It is convenient to have all the items in 1 pack
audra c on Apr 18, 2018
Someone from Rainbow Resource Center from the Indiana Homeschool Convention recommended to us.
Grace S on Apr 12, 2018
been recommended and the selection of books seems great
Meihua C on Apr 4, 2018
I am using Five in a Row for two of my other children. We love it, so I wanted to start our youngest out on it.
Kadence L on Mar 19, 2018
Recommended by a friend. Needed something fun and easy to teach that's a unit study style.
Melissa G on Feb 25, 2018
Highly regarded by others who have used this product.
Msichelle A on Feb 18, 2018
I wanted something to enjoy with my 3 yo. As a recent SAHM, it was important to feel grounded in something. Everyday.
Erica C on Jan 18, 2018
Recommended by a friend. Looks like a great start to school for my 4 yr old.
Amy N on Jan 13, 2018
I wanted a simple program that will jumpstart my younger son on our homeschool journey.
Jennifer S on Dec 31, 2017
The books were already compiled so it saved time and the price was better than ordering the books individually. I knew that these would be all the in-print books needed for Before FIAR.
LAURA H on Dec 5, 2017
Beginning about 15 years ago I did FIAR 1-3 with my "first batch" of children. Now we've added to our family through adoption, We are starting earlier just for fun, and I needed BFIAR to begin our homeschool journey with ds3. So excited to have most of the books available in one package.
Karen A on Sep 25, 2017
My mom did it with me as a child and it was very cute
Chris L on Sep 11, 2017
To hard and too much trouble finding them at the library.
Charlene P on Sep 6, 2017
I am really enjoying using the Before Five in a Row curriculum with my preschooler! These books are engaging and perfect for this age, but I was having difficulty finding the books in our local library, so I decided it was worth investing and buying these books.
Sara B on Sep 5, 2017
LOVE LOVE LOVE Five in a Row and bought these for my unborn baby niece for her baby shower!
Christy M on Aug 28, 2017
I've seen this program recommended repeatedly by trusted sources, and I wanted to try a curriculum that is literature-driven because I am a firm believer in reading aloud to my kids. Glad to be able to start with BFIAR.
Mary L on Aug 16, 2017
I've had a few recommendations for this curriculum for my 5 year old son. I like how everything you need is all in one package!
Brandi B on Aug 13, 2017
Because we LOVE FIAR and the books they use!
Donna L on Aug 1, 2022
Lacy C on Oct 21, 2021
Does this include the study guide?
Katarina L on Jan 30, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The Study Guide is not included in this literature kit - only the read-aloud books.
Does this include the study guide?
Katarina L on Jan 30, 2018
BEST ANSWER: No, this is just the literature pack that goes with it. The Five in a Row manuals are a separate purchase.
Regarding the Dunn book "the Little Rabbit" is this the book used in the BFIAR manuel? or is it actually the full sized longer version book that is used in the BFIAR manuel?
A shopper on Jul 13, 2017
Before Five in a Row Literature Package
Before Five in a Row Literature Package
Country Bathroom Set (Calico Critters)
Country Bathroom Set (Calico Critters)
Little Rabbit (Step Into Reading Level 1)
Little Rabbit (Step Into Reading Level 1)
BEST ANSWER: Originally, the full-sized longer version of the book was used with the BFIAR manual. However, that book is out of print and we are now including (#064538) Little Rabbit (Step Into Reading Level 1) in the literature package.
Are all of the books of the guide in this literature package? I thought I read somewhere some were out of print.
Gabrielle C on Mar 14, 2017
BEST ANSWER: HI Gabrielle, Here is what is listed in our description for this product:
Package does not include several recommended books which are currently out of print. Out of print titles include: Quiet Way Home by Bonny Becker, Red Carpet by Rex Parkin, and Jennys Surprise Summer by Eugenie Fernandes. Please note that the Little Rabbit picture book format has recently gone out of print. We are substituting with the Step Into Reading version, but the story is simplified. If you would prefer to use the original, you will need to locate a copy from the library.
Are these hardcover or softcover books?
A shopper on May 13, 2016
BEST ANSWER: All are softcover except "If Jesus Came to My House" and the "The ABC Bunny."
May I know what is the total weight for these 19 books? Thanks.
Abigail P on Mar 24, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Total weight (without packing material) is 5.03#.
Does the literature package for Before five in a row come with the manual also? Or do I have to purchase the manual separately?
User on Mar 19, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The Before FIAR Manual is NOT included with the literature package. It must be purchased separately.
Does this literature package for Before Five in a Row come with the manual or do I have to purchase that separate?
A shopper on Mar 19, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The literature package for Before Five in a Row does NOT include the manual. It is only the literature books.
How does this currilum last for 36 weeks (avg. school year) ? There are only 19 books (25 counting out of print ones) Do you start the book cycle over once you finish all 25?
A shopper on Mar 19, 2016
BEST ANSWER: You can take a week or two per book. I follow my chidlren's interests. We have done one book and a few weeks later, they want to read it again... I leave this option very open. Every time we read the book again, we can explore more topics related to the book. My preschooler will likely have done each book several times before she even reached KG year.
Is it possible to buy the curriculum guide by itself? I already own quite a few of these books.
A shopper on Feb 22, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, see item below or just type in "Before Five in a row" in the search.
Before Five in a Row
Before Five in a Row
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Rated 5 out of 5
Great gift for years to come.
I bought this as a Christmas gift so my grandson has not seen the books yet. I did buy the same set for my other grandchildren and they have enjoyed them for several years!
October 29, 2021
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Love!! I ordered these books to insure quality time with all of my young children after having another baby (we now have 5 kids 6 and under) and this is such a beautiful way to do it! Honestly, my husband has been the one using the correlating manual and reading the book of the week daily as new baby and I have been sleeping (while he's on paternity leave), but it's an amazing sight to see all the kids gathered round him, fully immersed and loving their experieces. My husband enjoys looking through the manual and picking what he wants to emphasize from each story each day and he does really well with it. I especially loved that either of us could implement these books daily and have a happy time with the kids in such a simple way. My children love to be read to and these books are wonderful. By the end of the week the kids know the stories very well. I purchased this as well as the five in a row bundle and all the kids love all the books so far. My oldest has these younger books memorized by the end of the week and takes on the challenge of reading/reciting them to the younger children. My 4 year old even tries to recite the words by the end of the week, super cute and impressive!
July 30, 2020
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great selection and price!
February 8, 2019
over 3 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
I didn't realize until l received the literature pack that the study guide is NOT included in the package.
November 8, 2018
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
This is a great literature package! Great value!
April 3, 2018
Rated 5 out of 5
Just beginning to use them.
Seems very thorough, but we are only now beginning to use the books.
The price was excellent.
April 17, 2017
over 5 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
This is a great package of books
I ordered the Before Five in a Row Literature Package along with the curriculum book. This is an excellent bundle of books that contains all you need to run the Before Five in a Row curriculum. This is a good way to purchase these books because they can be hard to find or expensive to have them shipped individually. Rainbow Resource is a reliable company. I would buy from them again.
October 7, 2016
over 6 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
I am so pleased to have added this to my collection of curriculum. Am using it at our homeschool co op and the children are enjoying it. I highly recommend. Easy to follow and find additional information or ideas.
March 1, 2016
over 6 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
So fantastic to have all the books in one place so i can pick my own order and prepare lessons. Plus, the Kurds can go back and read their favorites
October 16, 2015
over 7 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Just for information: The beautiful book "The Quiet Way Home" is available as an app from I-Tunes for smart phone OR tablet It isn't as good as cuddling around the real thing but it is better than $60+ for the book in used condition At least my kids get to enjoy all the fun sounds and a good story! I have never seen the book in person so I do NOT know if it is complete on the app (the app has options for letting you read OR reading aloud And each illustration can be done as a puzzle- which my youngest boy LOVES!)
May 14, 2014

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