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Grades: 4-6

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Publisher: All About Learning Press

About All About Spelling Level 4 Materials

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Great program!
I highly recommend the All About Spelling programs.
January 28, 2019
5 months ago
All About Spelling
I would highly recommend this product. It is very easy to implement...little to no prep to do the lessons and it has really improved my son's spelling.
May 8, 2018
1 year ago
Another good buy
We have used All About Spelling from the start (partnered with All About Reading). My boys both love it. The lessons are short, fit a theme, which makes reinforcement easier than jumping about. I like an actual spelling program vs. copying sentences and hoping the spelling sticks, and this is a good fix for that. As far as level four goes, it is set up similarly to level 3 with writing stations and longer sentences for dictation.
The only thing is at this point, and with level three, the letter tiles and such are no longer a big hit. Both boys hate setting it up, keeping it neat, and find spelling with an expo marker much more enjoyable. The manipulative a are still great to have visually, but we barely use them anymore and they take up a huge white board while still looking cluttered on it. Unless your learner loves playing with letter tiles, at this point I believe it isn't really necessary to puchase.
A typical week for us looks like this: go over the section, look at new words, maybe practice them on day one of the lesson goes well. Day two and three is writing words and two to three sentences and a writing station. Day four is review from the word cards, writing words and sentences and a writing station. Friday depends. If the lessons went well we do a final out loud review and may write a sentence or two, if not, we repeat Thursday and do the lesson reviews the following week. That's what's great about homeschool. If we get it, we move on, if we don't, we keep trying.
February 9, 2017
over 2 years ago
making a perceptible difference
In our family we have those who seem to be born spellers and those who are not. Both have benefited from the methods thought in the program, though at different paces. It is a bit teacher intensive, yet laid out very well and is easy to follow. I have to say that I have learned a few things too!
March 11, 2016
over 3 years ago
Love this series
This program is great for my dyslexic daughter! I wish I had this program when I taught in a traditional classroom. It explains WHY words are spelled the way they are. In the past I taught it as rules to memorize. This is a MUCH better system!!
November 9, 2015
over 3 years ago
Loving spelling
The curriculum answers so many questions about how words are built. It has revolutionized the way my son spells.
October 23, 2015
over 3 years ago
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AAS is a great curriculum for struggling spellers. Incremental and explicit and multisensory, based on Orton-Gillingham method.
Rebecca K on May 14, 2019
Easy to use multi-sensory approach. I love that it provides for systematic review as needed of applicable spelling rules.
Beverly S on May 2, 2019
AAS is a great curriculum for struggling spellers. Incremental and explicit and multisensory, based on Orton-Gillingham method.
Rebecca K on May 14, 2019
Have been using Level 1-3 and love the program
Angela R H on May 9, 2019
Easy to use multi-sensory approach. I love that it provides for systematic review as needed of applicable spelling rules.
Beverly S on May 2, 2019
excellent program, thorough
Karie D on Apr 17, 2019
This program has been wonderful for my son who has processing issues and consequently struggles with spelling. It's consistency and review are excellent. It is easy to teach and easy for the student to understand.
Robyn W on Mar 21, 2019
My son has learning struggles- especially with spelling/writing. It was tears and no retention when we tried to learn spelling. After a few different curriculum tries and a few years of hoping he would grow out of it, we had some good progress with Dianne Craft's work. Then All About Spelling was recommended by a special ed. teacher, when he was 10. It has been working for him. It takes ALL the review in the lesson, and 2-4 days for harder lessons, but he is writing correct sentences!
Nancy L on Mar 20, 2019
We have found that the AAS program works well for our Dyslexic daughter in that it supports her need for multi-modal learning and need for information presented in small chunks as well as revisiting it in future lessons.
Kimberly L on Mar 18, 2019
All About Spelling has worked well for my children. We are happy to be progressing to level 4.
Amy C on Mar 15, 2019
Have been using AAS since Level 1 - a great way to teach spelling, My daughter seems to enjoy it & is a pretty good speller.
Fran F on Mar 10, 2019
I have been using this program with my youngest son and I love it. I will I used this book with my older two. I feel he really understands the spelling rules with this easy to follow book.
Renee P on Mar 6, 2019
This program teaches children rules for spelling rather than just lists of words to memorize.
Angela W on Feb 22, 2019
This spelling program has worked where others have failed. Started it in 4th grade to recover some skills. He's now in 5th and it's clicking. Wish I would have started it sooner but better late than never.
Jennifer K on Feb 16, 2019
We love this program!! My daughter (2nd grade) has used this program from level 1, and it has been very successful. I love that it is mastery-based so she can move at her own pace (in her case, fast..). Great curriculum!!
Jamie O on Feb 5, 2019
We have loved AAS. Level 4 is next on our list!
Jodi A on Feb 4, 2019
It works! We've been using All About Spelling and my middle child has been doing great with it.
Sofia P on Jan 30, 2019
We almost have AAS Level 3 completed and LOVE this program! We can't wait to see what AAS Level 4 has in store!
DALE B on Jan 21, 2019
We have successfully completed the first 3 levels!
Jennifer R on Dec 28, 2018
We got along really well with the last 3 books. It is do able steps. I recommend this spelling.
User on Nov 30, 2018
We like this program a lot and are ready to move on to the next level.
User on Nov 26, 2018
My daughter loves All About Spelling! We plan on going through all seven levels. She is not a natural speller, and really appreciates learning when to apply which phonemes.
Heather D on Nov 10, 2018
We've been happy with first 3 levels.
User on Oct 22, 2018
have used other levels and love it
Sonja C on Oct 5, 2018
This is the best program ever! Easy to teach and easy to learn!
Ashley Z on Sep 3, 2018
This series has been extremely helpful for my kids to grasp spelling.
Holly H on Sep 3, 2018
I've used All About Spelling from Level 1. My special needs son loves it and he is REALLY learning! I had him recently evaluated by the public school and they mentioned his improvement in phonics. It is a nice hands-on, physical program with the magnetic letters and easy to remember rules.
virginia b on Aug 25, 2018
I have enjoyed using All about Spelling for my kids, especially my son who seems to be dyslexic.
Hanna P on Aug 24, 2018
We've used the previous three levels of this spelling curriculum, and it is working very well for both of my boys, one of whom is dyslexic.
Melinda S on Aug 21, 2018
Great program! Easy to understand and love the hands on activities for the kids
Jacque N on Aug 18, 2018
Tracy J on Aug 17, 2018
I love the ease of this program and that there are no holes. It ties directly with the All About Reading program
Rebecca C on Aug 13, 2018
The all about spelling got good reviews. I have not used it yet, however I will write a review after I use it.
Benita D on Aug 12, 2018
Loved All About Spelling 1-3 and moving my girls up to the next level.
Kimberly T on Aug 10, 2018
love the program
Jamie B on Aug 5, 2018
Love All About Spelling!
Cheryl on Aug 5, 2018
Very effective, multi-sensory.
Sherie H on Jul 22, 2018
We enjoyed All About Spelling. We are continuing our program.
Valerie on Jul 20, 2018
Love AAS curriculum
Steven J on Jul 11, 2018
We LOVE All About Spelling! Best curriculum out there!
Sarah M on Jul 6, 2018
Have been using this since Level 1 - my student enjoys it and her spelling and decoding skills are improving. Overall, a winner.
Noelia on Jun 14, 2018
All About Spelling is great for dyslexic students and others who struggle with spelling!
Bonnie D on May 17, 2018
we needed the next level, after finishing 1, 2, and 3
Melody H on May 17, 2018
My daughter, who is 15 with moderate dyslexia, is finally understanding how words work thanks to this programme. We flew through Level One and she is going fast with Level Two. We haven't yet reached words she can't spell but she is finally able to divide words into syllables and understand how letters have different sounds in different words and why.
J M R on May 14, 2018
I have used AAS since my 10 year old was in first grade. It is well laid out, easy to teach and is broken down in a way that makes sense and fits well into our day. I wish I had learned to spell this way!
Beth B on May 2, 2018
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE All About Spelling!! It's seamless, easy to follow, easy to learn, and multi sensory. It was highly recommended to me and I highly recommend it as well!
Melissa S on Apr 26, 2018
All About Spelling seems to be the best program for teaching spelling, it is the best at explaining why some words are spelled how they are.
Danica B on Apr 17, 2018
Dd has been progressing with AAS. We are continuing with what works for us.
User on Apr 14, 2018
After floundering in spelling with several different programs, we decided to try All About Spelling. We were not disappointed! This program FINALLY worked for our kids. Their spelling has improved, the lessons are easy to teach, and everything is organized for easy use.
Jason P on Apr 7, 2018
I have been so happy with Level 1 - 3. Very easy to implement and my son is learning the spelling rules so well.
Karen M on Apr 7, 2018
I have been happy with the prior All About Spelling books.
Tiffany F on Apr 6, 2018
Excellent program! Continuing the series.
Stephanie S on Apr 5, 2018
Have been using Level 1-3 and love the program
Angela R H on May 9, 2019
excellent program, thorough
Karie D on Apr 17, 2019
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