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Grades: PreK-K

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Publisher: All About Learning Press

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Very happy homeschooling mama!!!
So far my daughter that is starting Kinder this year. We are very happy with this program.
September 29, 2018
10 months ago
You get what you pay for! It's wonderful!
We are just a few lessons in, but my daughter and I are loving it! It's gentle, fun, and thorough.
July 10, 2018
1 year ago
Love it!!
We just love All About Reading! As a homeschool family, we have to learn what works best to teach our little ones and this is it!! It is fun and my girls love it!! We will be continuing with more levels!!
June 13, 2018
over 2 years ago
Straight forward and fun
This curriculum has been good so far for my 4 year old son. My 2 year old even enjoys the activities and the puppet "Ziggy."
October 22, 2017
1 year ago
This is a very user friendly guide to reading. The lessons aren’t too long and keep the kids engaged.
October 19, 2017
1 year ago
Loving It!
My five year old LOVES Ziggy! This is an engaging, well written, straightforward and easy to use prereading program. Much of it seems pretty easy to pull together yourself, but I especially appreciate the games written to play with words and sounds, developing phonemic awareness.
October 8, 2017
1 year ago
Good beginning reading package
I do like this package and the nice box for the cards, however as I just started using it I can't give a complete review. I do wonder why they separated the capital letters and lowercase letters, instead of teaching them together, Aa, Bb, Cc, etc. I guess I will see how it goes!
September 18, 2017
1 year ago
Great Pre reading
I'm using this program for my 4 year old so she will know all her letters, sounds, and the basics towards reading. We homeschool so I want her to have a head start towards kindergarten
July 25, 2017
over 2 years ago
Excellent curriculum
This is the only reading program that has worked for me and my kids. It's fun and I like that it's easy to teach. I'm currently using the pre-reading with my 3 and 5 year olds and they love reading time!
April 11, 2017
over 2 years ago
My almost 4 year old is loving this! He asks me everyday to do the activities. Ziggy the Zebra is his favorite, but he enjoys all of the activities, like "Get Out of the Wagon" and the letter activity sheets. When I am reading to one of my other boys, he makes rhyming words to go with what I am reading (which he didn't do before). It has been a fun experience so far. We are still in the capital letters. Coming into this he could already identify all the letters uppercase and lowercase and their most commonly used sounds. This is helping to solidify all of what he already knows and adding to his knowledge daily.
March 4, 2017
over 2 years ago
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Rainbow Resource Center Store
I am using this curriculum (AAR1) for my twin Kindergartners for home school. It is outstanding. I plan to get my 3 year old a head start now that I know about this system by starting in the pre-reader.
Angela O on May 23, 2019
I am needing something hands on for my active son. He loves the zebra and the flashcards are helpful.
User on Apr 9, 2019
I am using this curriculum (AAR1) for my twin Kindergartners for home school. It is outstanding. I plan to get my 3 year old a head start now that I know about this system by starting in the pre-reader.
Angela O on May 23, 2019
highly recommended by all homeschool moms whether they teach classical or traditional method. I have used it in a classical setting for my oldest level 4 and it was wonderful.
Alison A on May 1, 2019
I am needing something hands on for my active son. He loves the zebra and the flashcards are helpful.
User on Apr 9, 2019
recommended by friend
Amanda P on Mar 30, 2019
My daughter is starting her first year of homeschooling. This program had great reviews as a complete package for reading. We read a lot at home but do not specifically cover phonics. I did not want to rush into Level 1 without ensuring we had the basics covered.
Erica on Mar 3, 2019
This program has helped my 1st grader become confident in his reading skills. His younger sibling is very interested in learning and I have heard great reviews on this program.
Rachael A on Oct 27, 2018
To teach my 3.5 year old pre-reading. We LOVE All About Reading!
Caryn D on Aug 23, 2018
I read many good reviews online.
Fiona C on Jul 18, 2018
great reviews and word of mouth that it is a super easy program.
Michael D on Jul 3, 2018
My dyslexic daughter and I are using Level 1 and I would like to start teaching my 4 year old phonics. The books are easy to use and understand how I need to teach them.
Darcie b on Jun 22, 2018
Hopefully this helps get my child ready for reading.
Brittany D on Jun 12, 2018
we were using Teaching Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, and it was just too much for my daughter. A friend of mine has been using All About Reading, and has loved it, so after hearing so many good things about it, I have decided that it looks like a wonderful fit for my daughter. I am excited to try it out!
Amber G on Jun 7, 2018
I believe that this curriculum is a great beginning start for my preschoolers.
Sheena H on Apr 26, 2018
I chose this to give my 5 year old a good foundation for reading.
Kellie T on Mar 17, 2018
I've heard great things about this product.
Kim M on Mar 12, 2018
Recommended by friend who homeschools her daughters.
Jacqueline M on Mar 4, 2018
Recommended by sister
Tiffanie W on Jan 13, 2018
My daughter is dyslexic and All About Reading was highly suggested for her. :)
Sarah H on Nov 16, 2017
I love their other products and need something for my preschooler
Laura P on Nov 13, 2017
My friend told me it is the best
Chelsi B on Sep 29, 2017
I have heard great things and he is very interested in his letters currently.
Ila L on Sep 21, 2017
Simple, engaging lessons for my busy kindergartner!
Megan S on Sep 19, 2017
I have All About Spelling and love it. I'm hoping to have the same success with this.
rosa o on Sep 14, 2017
My kindergardener loves the Level 1 of this series and is making excellent progress, so we thought we would try the pre-k with our four year old. I have found Level 1 of All About Reading to be clear for both the student and parent, relatively engaging, and I have high hopes for the pre-reading curriculum.
Kristen W on Aug 22, 2017
I've heard wonderful things about the product and I'm just starting preschool with my daughter.
Catherine H on Aug 20, 2017
Recommended by friends and I use All About Spelling and love it.
Kristy C on Aug 18, 2017
I've heard it's a great curriculum for children with dyslexia and/or Auditory Processing Disorder.
John B on Jul 31, 2017
Because of the video we watched of it.
Christopher B on Jul 14, 2017
recommended by another home schooling mom
Tracie W on Jul 7, 2017
for my 3yr old to do school along side her older sister.
D T on Jun 30, 2017
seems like a fun program
Patricia H on Jun 28, 2017
I have been researching different curriculums for beginner readers and I always seem to come back to this one. My son has been asking me to teach him how to read and so I figured it was time to choose one.
Sarah W on Apr 8, 2017
My son is currently using All About Reading Level and has finished .
Wendy T on Mar 28, 2017
Recommended to me by a seasoned educator. I have not used this product. Decided instead to use a simpler program with fewer bells and whistles.
User on Mar 20, 2017
My almost 4-yo son sees his sister doing AAR 2 and wants to be a part of the lessons, they are so enjoyable. He knows a lot of his letters and is trying to read on his own, this will be the perfect curriculum to for him to ease into formal reading instruction.
User on Feb 8, 2017
My almost 4 year old already knows all of his letter sounds and can identify upper and lower case letters. I want to encourage his natural interest in reading. So, there may be a little overlap here, but that I'd rather it be a little easier to begin with. We have had great success with All About Spelling with my older son.
Jodi C on Jan 30, 2017
We borrowed this product with our second child, who was struggling with the reading program our first child used, and she LOVED this program! Our older son actually asked why we didn't use it with him. We have the third one coming up and All About Reading will be the program we use.
Jordan P on Jan 28, 2017
Fun easy way to teach pre-reading. I love the puppet
Alexis H on Jan 20, 2017
My 3 1/2 year old is becoming interested at just the right time to help my nearing-6 year old who's struggling by giving her a little sister to "help". Ziggy the Zebra sounds like the perfect help for my older, and it'll be a great solid foundation for the younger. From the reviews I've read, it's ever so much better to choose the Deluxe, so we're splurging.
Jennifer B on Jan 9, 2017
I bought this for my 5 year old daughter. Getting her ready to begin reading. I am currently using the level 1 with my first grader and level 2 for my third grader. I love the AAR curriculum.
Michelle O on Jan 8, 2017
I tried the reading program, Reading in 100 Easy Lessons, but my daughter is having a difficult time remembering the letter sounds. I'm hoping that this curriculum being more engaging and reinforced with workbook activities helps her with her learning.
Channa G on Jan 3, 2017
My 5 year old is breezing right through this program. He loves Ziggy the Zebra and looks forward to reading every day!
Jill K on Nov 29, 2016
Highly recommended by a friend
Tony S on Nov 8, 2016
I already use All About Reading Level 3 with my older student and wanted a fun program to teach my 4 year old also.
Elizabeth O on Oct 12, 2016
Scripted phonics with kinesthetic component
Cheryl G on Sep 24, 2016
Recommended by WTM for kinesthetic learners.
Michelle Y on Aug 25, 2016
It has positive reviews from Sarah MacKenzie.
Jaime T on Aug 23, 2016
My 7 year old is in special ED and we needed an approach to learning to read that would work for him. After researching many different options I kept coming back to this program. I have received many recommendations for it and I am pleased to say that it is working. He loves doing it with me and it doesn't take a super long time. I am very pleased.
Tiffany B on Aug 13, 2016
All About Reading has been recommended by so many homeschoolers that I trust. I will be using this with my 4.5 year old son.
Jori W on Aug 12, 2016
It is interactive for my busy 5 yr old and a friend recommended it. It also got rave reviews from other homeschooling moms.
Tracy B on Jul 29, 2016
highly recommended by all homeschool moms whether they teach classical or traditional method. I have used it in a classical setting for my oldest level 4 and it was wonderful.
Alison A on May 1, 2019
recommended by friend
Amanda P on Mar 30, 2019
Is there a list available of needed craft supplies for pre-reading level?
User on Feb 14, 2019
BEST ANSWER: There is a basic list on page 8 of the teachers manual but the sheets often suggest additional items that could be used. These suggestions are totally optional so if it's not an item you have on hand , no big deal!
my daughter already knows her letters and sounds, should I start with the pre reading or the level 1?
A shopper on Jun 12, 2018
BEST ANSWER: If she knows her letters and sounds, in my opinion, she does not need to do pre reading. If I remember right from when my children did pre reading last year, they did also learn some rhyming and clapping out syllables, but they do that off and on in level one as well. If my child knew her letters and sounds, I would definitely skip pre preading.
Is this the newest edition of this kit?
A shopper on Mar 24, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I believe it is. I am now on level 4 with my first son. AAR is an excellent program & my son is an excellent reader now. This program develops strong readers!
Is the Interactive Kit (magnetic letters) needed for the pre-reading program?
A shopper on Jun 3, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No. You will use a box of cards for the Pre-reading program that comes with the program. There are also two posters included. My daughter especially loved Ziggy the Zebra.
Does the Deluxe Pre-Reader kit include the Activity Box?
Danielle H on Sep 30, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes, it does include the box. The deluxe kit has everything you will need for the program including the puppet, Ziggy the Zebra, which is my son's favorite part.
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